Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


53. Chapter Fifty-Three (Filler Chapter)

I breathlessly cursed, slowly sinking to the ground. The bodies sunk down with me, each holding onto my upper arms.

"Get Niall"

I writhed in pain as I spat through gritted teeth, still hurt by the betrayal. The male got to his feet and almost sprinted out the door.


Poppy sighed still breathless.

"Fuck off"

I spat feeling my throat constrict.

"Al, Im so sorry. I-I thought you were in your room I-"

"Stop the shit Poppy. You still went behind my back and had sex - when I was in hospital!"

"Well im not being funny, but what the hell is he to you anyway?"

Her tone held bitterness and anger. She stared down at me laying on the floor while I swerved in and out of darkness. Her hand gripped my shoulder, shaking me and repeating my name. I couldn't help but despise her at this moment in time, practically my only friend and I pretty much hate her. My life just get's better.

I heard footsteps and a slam of the door. It seemed like a lot of footsteps - more like a stampede.

"Move back please"

Poppy was removed from my side and replaced by about four other doctors.

"Alex? Sweetie? Can you hear me?"

A woman's Scottish accent rang out in my ears. I could, but I was unable to respond, currently struggling to breath and see clearly. They spoke some medical jargon and some of them ran away. Everything was happening too quickly; first I had spotted them, realised who it was and then I collapsed, now im in this state.

It wasn't long before I completely passed out, my body unable to cope with the lack of oxygen, and shut down automatically.


this is just a filler chapter ;) ~katie

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