Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


56. Chapter Fifty-Six

Tree after tree, after tree. I kept running as fast as I could through the dark, murky forest, stumbling over every lump that popped out of the ground. But surprisingly I kept my balance. Heavy pants of air puffed out of my mouth as my lungs fought for carbon dioxide. Salty tears rolled down my cheeks and into the corners of my mouth. My head kept looking behind me to see if she was still following me.

I hadn't the faintest clue how or why I had gotten here, I just was. She was chasing me, and I was running faster than ever before. I peered behind me once again and looked back around to find a large log inconveniently placed right in the middle of the dirt track. The tips of my toes caught the bark and I face planted the muddy ground.

I sucked on air, clutching my head in agony, forgetting what was currently happening to me. Heavy footsteps brought me out of my daze and jump shocked my body back into action.


I heard faint muffled shouts of my name being called, only making me speed up.


There they go again. My face was now pouring out sweat, the increased heat making my cheeks turn a shade of scarlet. I was still legging it, but a loud and vigorous rumble made me tumble to the ground. My name echoed out again, my surroundings becoming distorted. I looked around frantically, searching for answers to why this was happening.

"Al, wake up"

My eyes shot open, blurry vision becoming clearer the longer I stared. I connected with deep, sea blue eyes staring directly in my turquoise.

"Al? Are you okay?"

His thumb brushed my cheek bone, starting from the inside to the out.

"Al, you're sweating"

A large hand from behind me was placed on my forehead, I was still in a trance.

"And you're breathing really heavily"

Niall placed his hand on my fast rising chest, feeling my heartbeat race. I now had a hand on my forehead, and a hand on my chest and thigh. One of Harrys arms was wrapped around my stomach, his hand stroking the side of my rib cage. I just started to realise how we were sat.

I was in between Harrys legs with my back leaning against his chest, while Niall was in between my legs, with his legs crossed.

"What happened babe?"

Harry removed his hand from my forehead and used it to start stoking my cheek. I was still unable to fully function, my earlier experience still having a strong hold on me.


Niall pressed on.

"Sh-she chased m-me"

I was still staring off into the distance over Nialls shoulder.

"Who? Who was chasing you?"

Harry whispered into my ear, daintily kissing my chagis. Nialls face had confused written all over it.


Harry sighed loudly into my ear.

"Babe it was just a nightmare. Ally's gone"

Niall looked questionally at Harry. Harry replied with a shake of the curls telling him to leave it.

Ally was the main person in the group who used to bully me. They used to think they were "popular", but nobody actually like them bar their selves. Their main points about me were my weight, height and looks. As you know, I was always fat, and I was also very short. Since then I have had a miracle growth spurt, to which I am very grateful for. And, last but not least, my looks. They always poked and prodded me with jokes about my looks, especially as I always had quite a few spots occupying my face. I have always been extremely self conscious and careful with what I wear ever since them.

I snapped out of my day dream with a snap of the fingers. Niall clicked them in front of my eyes, capturing my wandering attention.

"Well...is it?"

I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Is it what?"

My voice was low and hoarse.

"Okay if we talk about it now?"

"Talk about what now?"

"Niall, just leave it. We can talk to Charlie later"

I tried to turn to look at Harry.

"Talk to Charlie about what?"

He looked down at his chest before looking back up at me.

"Your mums funeral. We are going to have to plan it soon"


I started to stare unknowingly at Nialls knee. Something clicked.

"Why so soon?"

Huge smiles grew on both of their faces.

"We're going on tour"


heyyyaa! two updates in two days! im in the mooddd. just want to say can you all add em on fb please guys?! i cant find her twitter coz ma laptops being a bish. lu! <3 ~katie  https://www.facebook.com/emily.reed.524?fref=ts

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