Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


51. Chapter Fifty-One


I look around the room at all of the sweaty, drunken, intoxicated young people, grinding on each other and shoving their tongues down each others throats as I stand on the private balcony of the club, observing their drunken actions.

I take a sip of my vodka and orange, waiting for Niall and Emma to return with fresh drinks.

I slurped up the last drop of the substance, peering into the glass and shaking the ice cubes that remained. I placed it back on the table and took a seat, waiting patiently for my drink I was now suddenly craving.

Niall had taken me out to cheer me up after Harry and I had an argument earlier that evening. He had originally planned to have a night out with his childhood friend, Emma, and invited me to tag along. Let's just say Emma wasn't in the least pleased that I was coming with them.

Harry and I had only been dating for 2 months and our relationship was already crashing down. I decided I would stay over Poppy's for the night but Niall had other ideas.

I eagerly tapped my fingers on the table as the anger rushed through me, thinking of the little smirk playing on Harry's lips as I held the magazine up to his face, pointing at it.

My grip tightened around the glass with the cubes of frozen water in it, frustrated at the pictures that flashed through my head.


I scolded him as he tapped away on his phone, led on our bed with his arm supporting his head, not taking his eyes away from the glowing screen.

"Why are there fucking pictures of you kissing another fucking woman Harry?!"

I was holding back the tears.

"I told you. We're just friends"

His eyes didn't even meet mine, the signs of a guilty liar.

"Well what were you doing over her house?"


He let out a hearty laugh.

"What? What's so funny?"

I threw the magazine at his head and placed my hand on my hip. He shielded his face from the flying book.


"Don't fucking babe me!"

He laughed again.


"Nothing. It's just this"

He tilted his head towards his phone while smiling. I stormed towards him, ripping the phone from his rather large hands. He leaned forward and tried to grasp it, but failing as I spun on my heel, scrolling through the trend page on twitter.


I tried to supress more tears.


"I. Said. Don't. Fucking. Babe. Me"


"Here you go chick"

Niall placed a fresh drink in front of me, spilling a bit of the orange liquid on the metal table.

"Whoops. Sorry bout' dat"

He was already drunk and was wobbling all over the place. I quickly grabbed the cold glass and brought it up to my lips, leaving only a mouthful left. I sighed as the refreshment gushed into my stomach and I slumped down into the purple padded chair.

"Whoa. Where the hell did all tha' go?"

Niall chuckled taking a sip of his pint of Guinness.

"I think I should go now" I sighed standing up.

"What? Where? Why do you want to go so early? It's only..."

He lifted his arm up to his face, squinting his eyes to see his watch.

"Twelve f-forty seven"

I chuckled at his stuttering and clumsiness. Irish people have always had the tendency to over-drink.

Emma sat occasionally peering up at me and taking small swigs of her non-alcoholic soda and black. The looks she was giving me set me on edge, telling me that I had better leave.

"No. I think I have done my drinking for the night"

I smiled, trying to free Nialls hand from my waist.

"But you've only ad' three"

He looked at me astounded.

"I'm not really a big drinker"

I shot him another grin, desperately wanting to escape Emma's death glares.

"Bye then"

I waved goodbye and walked towards the carpeted stair that led to the dance floor beneath us.

"No! Wait! Don't go. Give him space tonight and sort it out in the morning"

I stopped in my tracks as he shouted to me, considering the advice he had offered. I thought about it for a good 2 minutes before I turned back around to face him with and even bigger grin on my face than before.

"Yeah. You're right. Tonight's about me having a good time and forgetting about that dick"

I sat back down in my chair and finished off the last of my drink.

"That's my girl"

Niall stood to his feet and engulfed me in a hug, the alcohol stained to his clothes and breath was wafting up my nostrils.

"Guessing you want another drink?"

"You guessed correctly"

He laughed and jogged down the stairs to the bar, wading through the crowds of screaming fans.

I sat awkwardly with Emma staring intently at me, her green/grey eyes filled with hate.

"You fucking dare do anything with him, I'll fucking kill you. You hear me?"

Her Irish accent pierced my ears as she threatened me.


I scoffed, lightly amused.

"If you do anything. Anything at all, I will kill you"

I laughed at her warning, taking her seriousness jokingly.

"You think I am actually joking?!"

She rose to her feet, inching closer towards me. I sunk deeper into the seat, my nails digging into the cushioned armrests.

She lurched at me, fisting at my pink flannel shirt.

"He's mine, not yours"

"I never said he was mine, I don't want him to be mine. I have a boyfriend Emma"

I stated the last part very clearly, my tone was stern.

"Really? Last I saw he was fucking a red head"

She gave me the fake sympathetic look, her bottom lip pouted.

"He was NOT fucking a red head, they are friends!"

"Friends my fucking arse! You must really love him if you are persuading yourself to think that, or are just completely oblivious to lies"

Little did she know that I actually agreed with her, but I wasn't going to let her know that.

Her medium length black bob hung across her face as she stared down at me.

"Ya'll ohh kayy?"

Niall stumbled back up the stairs drinks in hand.

"Just fine Nialler"

Emma smiled releasing my clothing and sitting back in her chair.


I blurted before I could stop myself.

She turned her head to face me, her eyes widening, reminding me of the warning.

"Fuck you"

I held my middle finger high, fuming about her fakery.

"Do you want to know something about your amazing friend Niall?"

I let the anger that was bubbling inside of me express itself.


He took a sip of his Guinness and sat down.

"Well for starters, your friend just threatened to kill me if I ever tried anything with you-"

He spat his drink out in surprise.


"Yeah. She said that Harry did fuck that woman and she is going to kill me if I try anything with you"

I smiled sarcastically at her as I picked up the drink and gulped half of it down, gearing myself up for anything that was about to happen.

Her head shook slowly, eyes widened and not leaving mine.

"You're such a joker Al"

He chuckled to himself, picking up the glass and taking a gulp.

I don't know if it was the drink kicking in, or just my anger, but something in me clicked, causing this side of me to appear. I'm usually laid back, and don't give a shit about anything that happens around me, but something about Emma just grinded my gears.

"You're so funny Alex"

Emma laughed, and swept her hair over her shoulders, even though it didn't make a difference.

"Haha, you too Em"

I winked at her, placing my hand on Niall's shoulder. He looked at me in confusion, and then at Emma who's face was turning a shade of scarlet. She smiled as soon as Niall looked at her, and went back to sending me death glares while he took another drink. I loved the fact that he was completely oblivious to the fact that there were two girls getting ready for a cat fight in front of him. I went back to my 'flirting'.

"Wow Niall. Your arms are so muscly"

I said the last word in my sexy voice, my tongue slipping out and wetting my bottom lip as I dove in deeper to his neck. I peered at Emma with my forehead pressed against Nialls neck and my arm interlocked with his, she was fuming.

It's kind of a shame no-one can take pictures up here. I actually want them to get into the papers just so I can get back at Harry. Oh well, I'll just do it to piss Emma off.

"Mmmm...You smell so nice. What is it?" I took in a deep smell of his scent.

"Armani Mania"

He laughed at me, probably thinking its the drink speaking, but I'm pretty sure this is me.

"It's gorgeous. Just like you"

This was the final straw for Emma. She had enough.


She dove out of her seat and tackled me to the floor, taking the chair and drinks with us.


Niall tried to separate us by pulling our shoulders. Emma was on top of me, her hands wrapped around my throat, slowly squeezing all of the air out of me.

Niall's strength was no match for Emma's, easily peeling her away from me. He pushed her away and collapsed beside me, pulling me onto his knees. I was still struggling for breath as Niall rubbed my back.

Emma was picking herself up from the floor and walking towards us, wiping her split lip that was leaking a bit of blood.


She head tilted back as she laughed at him, clapping her hands together like a retarded seal.

"I thought me and you were going to go back to your place tonight hun"

She inched closer towards us. Niall was crouching protectively over me, his eyes never leaving my face.

"Emma that was before you tri-"

He sighed, hanging his head.

"Emma, just leave...please"

His eyes were closed, he must've found it hard for him to tell one of his oldest friends to piss off- at least I didn't have that problem with the amount of friends I have.

"I'm not leaving. I want what you promised me"

His eyebrows furrowed but his eyes were still closed. I could see he was grinding his teeth - something Harry and I have in common.

"Just leave"

Emma let out an overdramatic huff, slowly waking over to Niall and placing her hands on his back. He let out a puff through his nose.

"I'm warning you. I'll call security"

She let out an obnoxious snort.

"You wouldn't do that. You couldn't. You won't"

This aggravated Niall. I could see from his facial and body expressions; he didn't want to look at her, he was grinding his teeth and he was breathing heavily out of anger. I honestly thought he would flip.

He looked up, his eyes a darker blue than usual.


I could see Emma over his shoulder, she actually looked frightened.


He bellowed again. Soon enough, a bulky man dressed in a tight black top and smart trousers sprinted up the stairs to his aid.


He huffed, out of breath from the flight of stairs.

"P-please take her away"

He closed his eyes and looked back down as the guard nodded and held Emma's hands behind her back.

"No! Niall! You can't do this! I'm your best friend! Please"

She called to Niall, begging for help as she was being forced down the stairs, fighting against the man's grip but to no avail. Her screaming disappeared, leaving only head-thumping music and a loud rumble of the crowd.

His eyes peeled open and locked on me. His colour had been restored to it's natural one, although they seemed to hide a bit of sorrow.

I could still feel her fingers wrapped around my neck and her palms pressing against my throat, constricting me of precious air.

Niall smiled at me sympathetically and pressed a kiss upon my forehead.

*End of flashback*


sorry it's taken so long! love youuu <3 ~katie

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