Harry Styles Fanfic - Alex breaks up with Harry but Harry doesn't take it well. He doesn't want too lose her. He becomes obsessed with Alex and takes it too extremes.


58. Chapter Fifty-Eight


I turned my head back around to see a swarm of girls in One Direction hoodies and bearing cameras and books for them all to sign.

"Al, just close your eyes"

I did as he said and buried deep into his chest, wrapping the wet jacket tighter around my head. A roar of ear piercing screams erupted causing me to squint my eyes even harder. I have always hated the attention, and everybody especially Harry knew that.

Harry hugged me tighter as we entered the frenzy of hormonal females. I could feel his chest vibrate as he spoke, asking them all politely to move. My name was being called and some would say that they're sorry. I'm guessing they mean about my mum.

Hands were touching all over my body and I was being tugged in all directions as Harry fought vigorously to get me out of there. I kept my eyes shut and before I knew it, I was sat in Harry's car.

Harry's head hit the back of his seat as he exhaled loudly. My frail body was weak as I had been secretly pretending to eat my food and later chuck it out. Nobody has yet caught on but it is only a matter of time, and I know that.

More bones were more prominent especially my ribs, cheek bones and collar bones. I was a walking skeleton. I find it difficult to walk for long periods of time before I get light headed and need to sit down.

"Im sorry babe"

I peered at Harry who had sorrow in his eyes.

"For what?"

"For you having to go through that. You shouldn't of had to on a day like this and I am really, really sorry"

He reached over and wrapped his hand around mine, stroking my fingertips with his thumb.

"It's not your fault. Anyway, how did they find out?"

He shrugged his shoulders.

"I honestly don't know. These days people can find out anything from the internet"

I nodded my head.

"At least you have loyal fans"

His million dollar smile crept onto his face.

"I guess you can say that"

He brought my hand up to his lips and placed a lingering kiss on my knuckles. I tutted.


"You're soaking"

"You're not to dry yourself"

He winked at me.

I shook my head and leaned over to him from the passengers seat, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him passionately. He also kissed back with just as much lust. I slowly traced my hand along his chiselled torso, reaching his black jeans.

"Babe, you don't have to do this"

He pulled away from the kiss, his breathing heavy. I looked his straight in the eyes for a little while before placing a short, sharp kiss on his lips. I clambered over the gear stick and hand brake to sit on his lap and clumsily undid the button and zip, revealing his also black tight boxers - he went all out with the black theme.

"Babe, stop. I don't think its good for you to do this right now"

He firmly held me by the shoulders trying to talk some sense into me. I knew that it wasn't exactly going to be the best for my physical health but when was the last time I had some action?

"I want to"

He huffed at my stubbornness and allowed me to carry on.

I slipped down into the foot well and yanked down the boxers for a erected penis to spring out. The head already had pre come on it and I excitedly mopped it up. A moan escaped Harry's lips which made me smile.

Harry's hands automatically buried deep into my wet curls, pulling me down towards the throbbing length. I opened my mouth and placed it around the tip, slowly easing myself down onto it, not having given a blow job in a long time.

Harry got a bit too excited and started to push my head faster and faster. I was literally deep throating it and it started to take it's toll. Gagging noises made my body lurch forward. I tried to shout hi name to stop, but all it came out as was loud mumbles.

His head rolled on his shoulders as he bit down on his lip, waiting for his release. It soon came and the salty liquid oozed down my throat. Harry's chest was heaving up and down, the only sounds in the car was heavy breathing by both me and him.

I became tired and decided to rest my head on his thigh. His fingers met with my hair once again as he slowly dragged his fingertips back and forth.

"Babe..that was..amazing.."

He puffed out in short breaths. I was still unable to respond to him, still struggling to catch my breath. I just nodded and closed my eyes.

A scream from outside the window made us both jump back into action.

"For fuck sake! Cover it up!"

It was Charlie and she was still in tears. Her hand was shielding her eyes from seeing Harry's penis. He quickly pulled it back in his boxers and zipped up his jeans.

"Done. You can look now"

Charlie hesitantly peered over her hand as Harry rolled down the window.

"Why the fuck was you doing that here? Do you know how fucking disrespectful that is? We're still in a fucking churchyard!"

Mine and Harry's eyes met, a smirk threatening to appear.

"What do you want?"

I managed to breathe out.

"I was going to ask if you're ready to leave? They're not going to reserve the table much longer for us"

I scrunched up my facial expressions in confusion and turned to Harry for answers.

"Shit. Sorry love, I forgot to tell you. Charlie booked us a table at The Foundry, a celebratory meal for your mum"

I shot him an "are you serious face" in return.

"Can't we just go back? I have a lot of packing to do, and I also have to pack for you because I know you always forge-"


He pressed his finger against my lips.

"We are all going out for a nice meal in honour of your mum. End of...We'll follow you out Charlie"

With a nod of the head, Charlie stormed off and got into her car. Harry helped me out of the foot well and back into the passengers seat.



I smiled at him.


We followed everybody out, us being the last in the line of cars.

"We're going to have a nice meal, don't worry about the packing, just take your mind off of it. We'll both do it together tomorrow"

He reached over and grabbed my hand, not taking his eyes off the road. I laughed and lightly hit his chest. I reached over and kissed him on the cheek.

"You little bastard"

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