Perfect Two

Age doesnt matter does it? thats what i always thought, and so did someone else... im in love with a band right? and the depressing part is i will enver get a retweet, tweet, follow or meet from them, i think thats unfair but whatever.....

???? *thought*
Theres this girl right? She's younger than me, by alot but it doesnt change the way i feel, i hope she thinks it too but she probably has a boyfriend, well if she did wouldnt she have mentioned him by now.....


22. Chapter Twenty-Two

Mikaylah's P.O.V

Breath it's ok.... Breath... 

Was all that was going through my head as I got called to the front of the stage, I smiled and waved at the small crowd conceding in the middle "hello, my first song is Stay stay stay by Taylor swift, as I started singing I noticed five people with hoods up and shades, what the heck? One pulled his hood down and took his shades of winking before putting and pulling them on again, Niall!!!! I smiled and finished my five songs I had performed, I notice them take there shades of and hood off, everyone turned to face them ignoring my singing, "IT'S ONE DIRECTION" one girl shouted and suddenly it was all bout them

again, I sighed Nd walked of the stage dropping the mike on the floor I quickly stepped off stage and started walking towards the door, I turned around to see Niall mouth something "it isn't my fault I'm sorry" I smiled and left, a few hours after I was home and in my bed watching tv and eating ice cream when there was a knock at my bedroom door, "come on" I said thinking it was my mom, "hey" a voice said, it was familiar I looked up realising it was Harry... "Hi" I slowly said watching him as he sat on the edge of my bed " this is a really crap show" he said pointing to the anime I was watching "oh please" I scoffed, "look I'm really sorry it came out before I thought of what I said" he said, I laughed "you think I'm angry or upset about that, go away tell Niall I might stay here for a few weeks" I said looking at the tv again, "no, you can" he said before walking out Niall soon came into my room "Look harry I said go- oh hi Niall" I said "it wasn't our fault" he gushed hugging me "never is" I mumbled "it isn't I'm sorry" I hugged him back and nodded "alright" he smiled "come on, lets go back to the bus" I laughed when he said that "no, I'm staying here" I replied and he had a serious look on his face "your dad told us you have to him and your mum are going to France, so get up" he picked me up and tickled me, I started squealing as we walked down the stairs and out into the bus "hi" I said weekly to Harryveho was giving me a death stare "why" he  said "you hate me because I don't like you, but I do, I love you but as a brother" I said he smiled "it's alright I met a girl but she isn't my type" I heard him say 

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