Perfect Two

Age doesnt matter does it? thats what i always thought, and so did someone else... im in love with a band right? and the depressing part is i will enver get a retweet, tweet, follow or meet from them, i think thats unfair but whatever.....

???? *thought*
Theres this girl right? She's younger than me, by alot but it doesnt change the way i feel, i hope she thinks it too but she probably has a boyfriend, well if she did wouldnt she have mentioned him by now.....


26. Chapter Twenty-Six

Nialls P.O.V

Oh my god, im gonna be a daddy!! I woke up at about half three in the morning by an earpeircing scream, "Whoa, you ok" I said looking at Mikaylah who was crawling along the floor in pain to the toilet "oh yeah, im just crawling" she snapped at me, "sorry"  i said,  "whatever do somethin usefulland open the door" she shouted, i did ad held her hair back as she threw up the others came in "you ok" they asked she shook her head "do i look it" she laughed weekly "sorry Niall" I nodded "salright" i replied, "I cant sleep" i heard "come ere" I replied as Mikaylah crawled into my bed with me, we cuddled up, I put my hand on her stomach "baby your starting to get a bay bump" i whispered to her "daddys her girlies" I whispered and felt a kick she looked up "did you feel that" I asked her she nodded "aawww, sing to them" she said so i sung little things "Aaww guys guys wake up" I said getting the lads up "what" they said, Mikaylah came over and they all felt the kick "aww" Louis said "whats the time" Harry groggily said, "ten" Liam suddenly sat up "lads and Mikaylah we all have an interview in half an hour" we all started to get ready mad rush activated, we were soon sat at the table on the interview "ooh, so, i have to tell you all something" I stated grabbing Mikaylahs hand "im going to be a daddy of twins" Eveyone looked as and went awww "awa thats cute" the interviewer said, "we felt them kick this morning" Mikaylah said smiling, the end of the interview came as quick as it started, "Soooo now what" I asked, Everyone shrugged their shoulders except Mikaylah who was staring blankly at the shop window we passed, "look" she pointed at a poster of us "Daddys there sweety" She whispered to her stomach,that is so cute <3

"Come on darlin' I said hugging her and walking her into starbucks "hi can i-oh my god your your one direction" the waitress said, she was about the same age as Mikaylah "can you sign this, and can i get a pic with you and Mikaylah" she said

after we did and got our lattes/water for Mikaylah we had to go to the hospital, Mikaylah was about eight months and a half so we had to have a checkup "Hi hon you feeling ok" The doctor said and she nodded "yeh, they ok" she asked and he nodded "the duedate is in four days, so 5th september" he doctor said "though you will need to stay in a few days untill then, "ill stay too" I said "ok"  The others said before saying bye and leaving, "ouchhhhhhhhhh NIALLLLLL GET THE DOCTORRRRRRR"  She screamed,  as i ran  out he was outside ready to come in "come on push baby" I kep sayin until we had two beautiful little girls in our hands "names" An old lady said "that one is Millie" i said pointing to the one i was holding "that one is Lieah" I said pointing to the one that Mikaylah was holding, i quickly texted the boys and they brought clothes

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