Perfect Two

Age doesnt matter does it? thats what i always thought, and so did someone else... im in love with a band right? and the depressing part is i will enver get a retweet, tweet, follow or meet from them, i think thats unfair but whatever.....

???? *thought*
Theres this girl right? She's younger than me, by alot but it doesnt change the way i feel, i hope she thinks it too but she probably has a boyfriend, well if she did wouldnt she have mentioned him by now.....


28. Chapter Twenty-Eight

Mikaylahs P.o.v

"Niall, your gonna hurt yourself just ask Harry to do it" I complained as Niall tried to make the cot, "I can do it" was his reply, I said down and watched him struggle "let me help" I said "No i said I can do it" he growled back, I walked away holding Millie, Lieah was with Liam, "Ask harry to do it" I said watching him he stopped and turned around "seem very fond of Harry recently" he sneered at me, I rolled my eyes "he's stronger than you so he can do it, stop acting immature" I said back, he looked hurt but gained his sneer back "why don't you go out with harry then" he shouted as Harry came through the door, smirking he'd heard everything "yeah, go out with me" he smiled, I shrugged my shoulders "I love Niall" he smirked again "he doesn't love you or he wouldn't have said that" I nodded "alright just to see if I like it" I agreed, he smiled and I sat on his knee Niall came through the door and looked at us, "slut" he said before walking back into our living room, it was going fine until I called him Niall "Ae I love you Niall" I said "Niall" Harry asked looking at me, my cheeks turned red and I looked down "I'm sorry Harry, I can't do this I like Niall" I said jumping of his lap, I ran to our living room and saw Niall, facing the window "Nialler" I said and he didnt move, I slowly shut the door behind me and made my way to where he was sat, "Niall" I asked and he looked at me "what" he said, his face was tear stained, "I love you,  not Harry and it killed me when you called me a slut we only went out to get back at you I'm sorry baby I love you" I said and he looked back at the window "I don't know why I called you a slut" he mumbled, he put his head on my chest and I felt tears fall onto my shirt "don't cry it's ok" I said and he snuffled "no it isn't, I'm a horrible boyfriend and a really bad dad" he said crying "no, your amazing at both I never wish for anything better i love you so much you know that right" I asked him and he nodded, we went out holding hands "hey we should take Millie and Lieah to the park" he said smiling st his idea, "yeah" I said as I got the double pram out, we started walking to the park and sat down on a bench it was about half seven when we put the girls to bed in there cot that Harry did build in the end.

"time to watch a movie baby" Niall said as we snuggled up "waaaaaaahhh" we heard, "or not" I said laughing as I saw to the babies, 


A/N well, see she did go out with Harry but only to get back at Niall 

I'm thinking about writing a squeal. But I don't know? Comment if you would read it xx 

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