Perfect Two

Age doesnt matter does it? thats what i always thought, and so did someone else... im in love with a band right? and the depressing part is i will enver get a retweet, tweet, follow or meet from them, i think thats unfair but whatever.....

???? *thought*
Theres this girl right? She's younger than me, by alot but it doesnt change the way i feel, i hope she thinks it too but she probably has a boyfriend, well if she did wouldnt she have mentioned him by now.....


4. Chapter Four

Mikaylah's P.O.V

I Cant believe he wont let me go, I quitly spoke to Niall, "Ni where's the bathroom" I hadnt gone the toilet since five o clock and i needed to pee really badly "up the stairs second on your left ok" I nodded getting up from the couch "Well, arn't you coming with me" I said He smiled, "Sure" before standing up, he whispered something to Harry something i only heard three words "leave, shes mine" What could that mean? i shrugged it off as me and Niall walked up the stairs he stood outside the bathroom until i had finished, "Im tired" I said faking a yawn I had to get out "Go to ebd babe, that door" I heard Niall say "Right ok" i replied quickly before rushing into the room, i saw the window, "No i wouldnt" i heard behind me... Harry! "what do you want from me" i asked him turning around to face him "you will find out when the time is right" He simply said before exiting the room, i slumped down onto the chair in the room.

Around three hours later i woke up, a body shifting in the room with me "Hello" I called out to the figure in the darkness "Who's there" i mumbled sitting up, rubbing my eyes and turning on the lamp "Oh" I said it was only Niall "Niall what are you doing" He looked startled "Trying to find my clothes, i have an interview an your coming" I asked why "Ill explain on the way" He said, I got up and brushed my fingers through my hair, "Get out" Harry said as i entered the bathroom, "I didnt know you were in here" i growled at him before running downstairs "Hi, im........



Ha!! You will have to wait for the next chapter to find out who it is.. i think you will be surprised though, no it isnt one fo the boys ~Lydia xxx  

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