Perfect Two

Age doesnt matter does it? thats what i always thought, and so did someone else... im in love with a band right? and the depressing part is i will enver get a retweet, tweet, follow or meet from them, i think thats unfair but whatever.....

???? *thought*
Theres this girl right? She's younger than me, by alot but it doesnt change the way i feel, i hope she thinks it too but she probably has a boyfriend, well if she did wouldnt she have mentioned him by now.....


15. Chapter Fifteen

Harry' P.O.V

I woke up with a cry, what the hell, cant i sleep around here Stumbling out of the bunk i nearly fell over "whoa baby you oK" I asked Mikaylah who was on the floo crowded by paramedics "n-no" she said shaking, "what happned" i then asked her but she was still crying so she didnt hear me, she got wisked away by paramedics Liam went into the ambulance with her.

we soon got the the hospital and waited anxiously to be called out to see Mikaylah, ten minutes after we came in we came out empty handed "I cant believe i didnt go to her, i ignored her" Niall said sitting down on a park bench that was in front of him "what you on about mate" I asked him sitting down on his left side, "I pushed her off of my lap, she hit her head" he replied, i felt a buzz "get Niall to aswer his phone" it was from Mikaylah, "mate answer your  phone" i said, he did, "hello" he said his voice cracking "oh my god, o ok well we're on our way "that was Mik, she can go" He said shouting at me, we got there and picked her up "how're you love" Niall said toher, she kissed his cheek "im fine" she replied smiling "omg i, my names Cocoa can you sign this" A little girl came over to all of us "Sure" Louis and zayn said signing her cast, we all sined it then left

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