one wild party

this is only a short story for younger kids who like to read on here :)


3. party time!


The girls got to the party and met all of these other celebrities like Jackie Chan, who is busy demonstrating Tae Kwon Doe to other guests and guess who else was there?! George Sampson! he was dancing and showing off to the other girls! Then Little mix were singing live while dancing some really cool moves.

The girls were having such a great time, chatting and eating crisps and sweets and sandwiches but not too much or they wouldn't be able to go swimming so they got to know some of their favorite celebrities, Jade went to see Taylor Swift, Jasmine went to dance with George Sampson and Sophie was talking to her celebrity crush Justin Beiber! Suddenly, someone shouted out 'FOOD FIGHT!!!' so they all started to throw food at each other and everything got very messy. The girls decided that this was the weirdest party they had ever been too.

Everyone was very dirty, covered head to toe in cake and everything so they all jumped into the massive pool and swam and chatted and just had a really nice time. Sophie, Jade and Jasmine were having a fab time and then they realized what the time was, their parents would be worrying! it was 12 pm! The girls thanked everyone but had to run back home. Their parents were not very happy but when the girls explained they didn't believe them and just told them to go to bed.

The next day the girls went to Little Mix's house with their parents to make them believe what had happened that night and when Little Mix told the parents they were shocked! But they said 'sorry for not believing you girls, how about some ice cream?' and they all went for ice cream. 

The end.

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