one wild party

this is only a short story for younger kids who like to read on here :)


2. an unexpected surprise

when the three of them got there, a load of people were already standing there, waiting, talking and buzzing with excitement. suddenly, Jade whispered to Sophie 'OMG is that Katy Perry?!!'It was!

She was stretching and warming up, the girls couldn't hold in their excitement so they ran over to her and all at once said 'Katy Perry!!!!' they started to chat and Katy Perry hiked with them all the way and eventually said to them 'hey, you girls are really nice and, as you were saying, you like little mix right? well i happen to be very close friends with them and they are having a pool party next week so i want you to come with me! i really like you girls and hope to see you more often' and Jade immediately said 'of course we will come to the party!' 

Then, the girls went shopping for new swimming costumes and pretty dresses. 


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