one wild party

this is only a short story for younger kids who like to read on here :)


1. a normal day so far ..

its a typically warm day in New York and Sophie is sitting in her room, reading magazines and eating chocolate. Suddenly she hears a knock at the door. she opens it and her best friend Jade is there! Sophie said 'hey lollipop!' 


'hey choco - monster' said Jade. these were each others nick names. 'so are you ready to play footie?' asked Jade, they play football together twice every week and really enjoy it but this week Sophie said 'no, lets do some running instead!' so she got changed into suitable clothing and started to slowly jog with Jade.

Then, they met their other friend Jasmine. 'hey lollipop, hey choco - monster!' said Jasmine 'hey marshmallow' Jade and Sophie said in unison. 'i am going on a hike, do you guys want to join me?' Sophie and Jade nodded and they all went to the starting point. 

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