Café on the Corner

When Franklin Rockend (or Rocky as he likes to be called) visits a little café on the corner, he meets Sylvie Grimble an art and photography college student. Soon romance is blossoming, but is Rocky stopping Sylvie getting the degree she needs to get a job?

If anyone could help me with my blurb I would be grateful! Thanks x


1. First Meetings - Rocky's PoV

I had just popped into this old rustic-looking café on the corner to grab a sandwich and coffee before going motorcycle racing with my mates. After ordering my BLT and cappuccino I sat down at one of the worn round wooden tables. That’s when I saw her. Peach lips moving in time to her writing. Blonde hair continuously being pushed behind her ear. Bright grey eyes with a hint of blue skimming over her elegant black handwriting. I leant forward, watching the girl as she pushed her big black wire rimmed glasses (like the one’s Taylor Swift wore in You Belong with Me) up her nose with pale hands. Before I knew what I was doing, I skipped out of my fabric covered chair and slid into the leather booth bench opposite her. Flicking her eyes to me for a split second before looking back at her work, the girl took a small sip from her coffee. Peering over the salt and pepper pots I saw that she was analysing a painting of the Eiffel Tower. It was amazing, and it looked like she did it herself.


“Did you do that?” I asked pointing a finger at the painting. After rolling her eyes and setting her pen down, she looked at me: my brown hair, blue eyes and black leather jacket. She looks down at the painting I’m pointing at and nods. I raise my eyebrows and she smiles. A smile that could be mistaken for a sunset. I watch as she writes, even whilst eating my delicious BLT and drinking my warm cappuccino. At five o’clock she looks at the grandfather clock in the corner and bundles her stuff together, clasping it inside a paper folder. Then she leaves, waving to the waitress who waves back.


I think I’m in love.

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