When fragmented images start to take over Ellie's world, she wants to find out how they got there. What she doesn't know is that her visions are about to lead her into places she will never forget.

Welcome to the real world....


1. vision

The sun shone, the trees rustled their elegant amber leaves in the breeze and the sounds of a river chattering floated over to where I was slumped against a park bench.

Sighing, I wondered where things had gone wrong- it started with the visions.

You see, I was once an ordinary girl, I liked most things: camping, swimming and hanging out with my friends, stuff that most people like to do at the weekend or in the holidays. I wasn't that popular (who is?) but I had a few close friends; you know the type- people you would trust with your life.

Then, one night, I started to have strange dreams, no, nightmares about derelict houses, blackened, dirty water and terrified people with soulful eyes and rags for clothes. Naturally the complete opposite of Manchester, the picture of health and vitality with its bright sunshine and happy smiles.

Soon the visions started at school, the same pictures flashing in my eyes, causing me to collapse in corridors, waking up to crowds of anxious teachers and sceptical students. After a few weeks of this people, my friends, became wary and distant, forcing me to spend my breaks in the library, and always waking up to find Miss Pope, the librarian, glaring at me through her wire rimmed glasses.

Now I'm terrified, I long for the serene, uninterrupted bliss that was my old life. I've never been as scared as I am now of the visions that have been haunting me, shadowing me and watching my every move.

So here I am, sat on a lonely park bench, trying to piece together the fragments of images that have taken over my life. One jumps out at me, a park like this one, only the swings have been ripped off their hinges, the slide is missing its steps and one deflated football is sagging, defeated in the midst of a sullen looking group of children. It all seems so real, like it could be happening now in a place far away from sunny Manchester.

Wait a moment, who WAS that? A girl is crouched on the dusty park floor, staring right at me with a forlorn expression; gasping, I slip back into reality.

It couldn't?

It can't possibly...?

Can it?

The girl I saw was me.....


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