When fragmented images start to take over Ellie's world, she wants to find out how they got there. What she doesn't know is that her visions are about to lead her into places she will never forget.

Welcome to the real world....


3. not in kansas anymore

Watching the setting sun spreading its final rays of golden light across the sleepy city skyline, I try to make sense of the sheet of paper in front of me, the shiny holographic words reflecting the light and bouncing prisms all over the room. I start to read the article feverishly, frantically. I know this is it. 





The votes are in and hopes are high for the creator of the critically acclaimed Hologame 'VIRTUAL' Robert L. Harrison who, earlier today, commented; "I, as mayor of Manchester, would ensure that this city will be the city that everyone has always imagined, I will make a change." Is this the speech of a winner? find out tomorrow.

That article was printed four years ago, and the next day Robert Harrison was appointed mayor of Manchester.

'I will make a change'

'make a change'

'A change'

My visions aren't the past or the future. My visions show what's happening now...













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