It's a Small World

Everyone is getting ready for Christmas and the holidays can bring people together or rip them apart...


3. Lucy

Lucy's POV


Today has been the best day ever! I have liked Matthew for ever and now he has finally asked me out! I could tell Charlie was hesitant when I told her he'd asked me out, it's probably after what happen with Jake, but I'll never let that happen again, I'm more careful now. When I'd finished day dreaming about how perfect me and Matts date was going to be, I went to meet Charlie outside Chemistry. She had her big test today and I wanted to ask her how it went, she fantasises about Cambridge all the time! "Hey Charlie how did the test go?" I asked, I noticed Jamie hurry off in the other direction after hesitating to come after us. "Fine I guess!" She replied breezily but I could tell she was nervous about how it went!  You could tell these things about people after ten years of being their best friend. "What's up with Jamie?" I asked. "I don't know!" she said puzzled, "He accidently pushed me into the lockers earlier, after that he's been all red and shy!" I knew what was up with Jamie, he's had the biggest crush on Charlie for the longest time. He hasn't told anyone but you can just tell by the way he looks at her. Charlie seems oblivious, I won't tell her unless he doesn't do it by the end of the year. "So do you want to go Christmas shopping after school?" I asked, " I haven't brought any presents yet!" "What!" she shouted, "What! We defiantly need to go shopping!" Then she dragged me off chattering away about the importance of buying your Christmas presents early!

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