It's a Small World

Everyone is getting ready for Christmas and the holidays can bring people together or rip them apart...


2. Jamie

Jamie's POV

It's like Charlie is oblivious to how beautiful she is, she always moans about how small she is but she's perfect. I looked at her as she tried to make sense of the notes I'd given her. She made me smile all the time, I could never find the courage to ask her out and she is taken now, I always leave things too late! "Jamie! Earth to Jamie!" Charlie whispered waving her hand in front of my face. "Who is she?" Charlie asked. "Umm no one, I mean what are talking about?" I replied defensively. "Come on I know you're thinking about a girl!" she persisted. "It doesn't matter, how are you doing with my notes?" I said. "Fine and I will find out one day you know Jamie!" She said poking me. I looked at the time, we had 10 minutes left of our free period. I really hoped Charlie did well, our dream was to go to Cambridge together. We had about 5 months left after Christmas and I really wanted to see her again after we had finished school! "Charlie, we need to go! If we don't leave now we are going to be late for our test!" I said packing my things away! "Okay, okay I'm coming!" She whined. As we made our way out of the library into the always friendly (-sense my sarcasm-)corridors, I tripped and went flying into Charlie pushing her into lockers! "Oh my gosh, Charlie are you okay!" I said! "Yeah, but can you get off me, your kind of squishing me!" She whimpered! "Ohh, sorry!" I said standing away! I could feel my face going red! So I walked as fast I could to Chemistry, why do thing like this always happen to me!  


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