It's a Small World

Everyone is getting ready for Christmas and the holidays can bring people together or rip them apart...


4. David

David's POV

On my way home I stopped off at the shop to buy myself a pizza. It was hard living on my own I had to work to buy food pay for the bills all that stuff. It was fun having my own space and that but I miss the days when someone was looking after me. At least my parents wouldn't find me here. I went to get my key out my pocket but I realised that I'd locked myself out so I buzzed Catherine on the floor below. "Cath, it's David will you let me in, I locked myself out?" I asked. "Sure!" She giggled. She really got on my nerves, she was meant to be 25 but still acted like a hyper 7 year old. I put my bag down in the hall and put my pizza in the oven. I had half an hour until work started and then homework after work. It's hard keeping my grades up but I have to eat, right? I got changed into my black jeans and white shirt, it looked okay but they could have been more imaginative! I grabbed two slices of pizza and turned the oven off but left the pizza in. I let myself out. When I got off the bus I walked the rest of the way to the shopping centre, I signed myself into the till. Working at the till of Krispy Kreme wasn't the best job but it would do, it was better than nothing. About an hour into my shift I signed off to have my break. I was walking down the mall when I saw Charlie and Lucy. "Hey!" Charlie shouted "David!" She ran up to me and gave me a hug. "Hi, what are you doing here?" I asked the girls. "Well Charlie, brought me here to buy Christmas presents!" Lucy explained. Charlie blushed as I looked at her "What? Christmas is important she said.

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