It's a Small World

Everyone is getting ready for Christmas and the holidays can bring people together or rip them apart...


1. Charlie

Charlie's POV

"Hey so David, what are you getting me for Christmas?" I asked. I stood on my tip toes and gently kissed him. I hate being short, everyone tries to make me feel better about it, some people say I still have time to grow but I'm sixteen and I think know I won't grow much more. "Um, I have no idea!" He replied, "It's only November I have ages!" He didn't seem to get it, how are you meant to do all your present shopping one month. All my presents for people were brought and wrapped. "Well, you should have an idea!" I said and kissed him again, just as we broke apart I heard a shout of "No kissing in the hall!" Mrs. Smith, what a kill joy, I mean would it kill her to get a life. "What is public affection banned this Christmas!" David shouted back. I giggled nervously, she was my Maths teacher and I did not want to get on the wrong side of her. Just then Lucy ran up squealing, I said my goodbye to David and turned my attention to Lucy. "What?" I asked. "Well, you know Matthew?" Lucy squealed. "Then one I've fancied for ages? He asked me out today!"  Matthew seemed sweet enough but I didn't want to see Lucy hurt again. She'd had enough heart break for one year. "He's sweet, kind hot-" Saved by the bell I didn't really want to hear much more about him to be honest. I walked down to my registration room where I bumped in to Jamie. "Hey, have you revised for science?" I asked, he was one of the only boys who wasn't full of himself, he was about the same height as me which is a plus and he's cute too, well pet hamster cute, not fit cute, but if you find pet hamster's attractive well... "Yeah" he answered "Why?"  "Well..." I pulled my cute face "Can I borrow your revision notes? You know I don't like to revise until totally nessicary!" I said in the most cconvincing voice I could. "And the lesson before is nessicary!" He replied and handed me the revision notes. I don't mind science but I mind the teacher, you'd think a month before Christmas she'd cut down on the home work but no. Apparently you brain needs to work all year round. I pointed out the if our brains weren't working we wouldn't be alive but she told me to shut yeah.

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