It's a Small World

Everyone is getting ready for Christmas and the holidays can bring people together or rip them apart...


5. AN


The first four chapter were basically my introduction. I will write proper sized chapters from now on.


This is what I imagine all the characters to look like:-

Charlie (Charlotte)- about 5"1, brown wavy hair about mid back length, pale skin but with a slight tan, hazel eyes with flickers of green

-dressed pretty much always in skinny jeans and converse or vans with a band/logo t-shirt



Jamie-about 5"6, dirty blonde hair not short not long with a mini quiff, greeny eyes, pale skin

-dressed in jeans and mostly casual shirts with converse or nike hightops



Lucy-about 5"3, straight blonde hair about mid back, really pale skin, bluey greeny eyes

-dressed in skinny jeans, a baby blue or violet or white (soft coloured) tops, ballet flats or vans


David-about 5"6, dark brown shortish hair, dark brown eyes, pale skin

-dressed in jeans, black converse and random t-shirts (no yellow)


~You can make your own mind up about there face shape and all that~

*I have nothing against yellow it's just that I don't see David wearing yellow! :/

Okay that's it.



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