Is It Fate? A Niall Horan FanFic

Jessica and her best friend Niall have grown up with eachother, but due to an untimely death in the family they are separated for 6 years. They finally reach contact and well...just read it. You'll find out soon. ;)


9. Mind Reader

Jessica's P.O.V

"Ok, so Louis, you get Harry-"
"YEEEESS!!! Hazza is mine! ALL MINE!" Louis screeched. 
"Damn mate, ya sound like that little dude off of Lord of the Rings." Zayn implied. 
"Oh! I know who you mean! Is's unmmmmmm, ugh....' I had forgotten.
' Anyways, before I was so rudely interrupted..." Louis rolled his eyes... Diva. 
"Zayn, ya get to get Liam. I'll get Niall." I sounded like one of those summer camp leader people... It was scary. Like,really.

"NO I DON'T!" I yelled back.
"Yes you do.' Zayn said,'I could tell." 
"How?" I said, shocked that it was THAT noticeable.
"It's simple. Body-language." He said. Wow, Zayn sounds like one of those philosopher people. 

"Fine, yes, I really like Niall. I have ever since we were 13. Even after I moved, I still had feelings for him. And when I started seein' him on the tv...well.... That didn't help." I practically gushed out. 
"What do you mean?" Asked Louis, he looked like a little boy when he was curious. 
"He's do you say it....ummmm... Hot.' I said blushing. Damn I hated that. ' Just please don't say anything to him! Please! I wanna try to figure this out on my own." 
Zayn and Louis said, "We won't, we promise." In perfect unison. Creepy. 
"Thanks." I said relieved I could trust them.
Just then the door opened to the course. 
"Hey Jess,' Zayn called me over. ' I gotta tell you something."
"Yea" I said
"Niall likes you....ALOT." 
"I just know, ok, the same way I figures it out with you."
"Wow. Ummm. Ok." Zayn had definitely confirmed my thesis... Niall liked me. 
"FOR NARNIA!!! " Louis screamed while running to the course. "For me..." I mumbled. 

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