Is It Fate? A Niall Horan FanFic

Jessica and her best friend Niall have grown up with eachother, but due to an untimely death in the family they are separated for 6 years. They finally reach contact and well...just read it. You'll find out soon. ;)


7. Meeting The Lads


Jessica's P.O.V


Niall finally let me drive after about 5 minutes of begging. "HA! I win!" I sang childishly while I skipped to the other side of the car. We finally got there and Niall payed for us and we got our vests and guns.

"Hey lads." Niall said loudly, after all you couldn't hear over Louis whining because he wanted to be on Harry's team.

"Vas' Happenin?!?!?'  yelled Zayn while he tackled Niall with a huge bear hug, then he looked at me and gave me a hug.' I'm Zayn."

Then all the others chimed in on cue.

Liam walked up started to say,"I'm Liam-" 

"And I'm Louis, AKA.....Supermaaaannn!" Just like the video diary I watched. Only the diva that was Louis Tomlinson.

"And I'm Harry." said Harry flashing me that signature cheeky smile.

"I'm Jessica." Wow, that went easier than normal. Normally I get nervous and shut down, but not with the boys, I guess I just feel comfortable around them.

"So it looks like It'll be You, Zayn and Louis versus Me,Harry,and Liam." said Niall excitedly. 'Game on!" he looked at me and winked. And of course my face flooded soft pink.

"Game on!" I said as we entered our player names and activated our guns. I was JessicaAnn, Louis wand LouBear, and Zayn was DJMalik, while Niall was NiallersAWESOME, Liam was LiamPayne93 and Harry was HaZzA.


sorry this chapter is so short guys! ive been really busy!


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