Is It Fate? A Niall Horan FanFic

Jessica and her best friend Niall have grown up with eachother, but due to an untimely death in the family they are separated for 6 years. They finally reach contact and well...just read it. You'll find out soon. ;)


2. Early Birthday Present

Niall's P.O.V.



                          "Can't wait! In 5 hours I get my early birthday present! ;) " "She oughtta like that."I thought to myself. "Wow, I'm so nervous, idk why." I texted Zayn."It's Ok mate,' he replied, 'it's because you haven't seen her in 6 years, and probably because you still like her."

Zayn was right, after 6 years, my feelings for her never faded away. They were still just as strong as when she was here. And over the years she got prettier and prettier, making me fall for her even more. So, this will be interesting. Ok,so here's the story, When Jessica and I were 13, her mom passed away and her dad wanted her to move in with him back in Louisiana. We offered for her to come live with us, but her dad really wanted her to go live with him. So, after 6 years, I talked her into moving back to Ireland. 

                          I thought I'd kill some time by getting her some welcome home presents a car and a new phone, which I knew she'd need anyways, and besides, she wouldn't have much money( dollars to pounds takes away a lot of money). So, I headed to the car dealership. I left with a brand new 2013 Chevy Camaro and I got her a white iPhone 5. I parked in front of the airport and added some contacts to her new phone for her, like my number, Zayn,Liam,Harry,and Louis, and Paul if she ever needed him when I wasn't around. I went ahead and went into the airport to wait for her. I stopped at a vendor's cart and bought some red roses and headed to the gate she'd be coming from. And I waited.

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