Is It Fate? A Niall Horan FanFic

Jessica and her best friend Niall have grown up with eachother, but due to an untimely death in the family they are separated for 6 years. They finally reach contact and well...just read it. You'll find out soon. ;)


5. All Moved In


Jessica's P.O.V


OK, my heart was officially pounding out of my chest. I couldn't believe that Niall just asked me to move in with him.Maybe this was my chance to make a move,to get closer to him.I had already made a walk-through of the house and there was only one bedroom. Nialls'. 

"So where am I gonna sleep?" 

"Huh?" he said jerking his head out of the fridge

"Where will I sleep? There's only one bedroom."

Well, you can room with me. If ya want. I have a king sized bed, I'm pretty sure that we can both fit on it. I mean, its not like we're gonna be doing anything else besides sleeping on it." he said with a cheeky smile. And on que I naturally started to blush. No idea why. Wait, Niall was flirting...he only flirts when he likes a girl. I should know. I grew up with him. Holy crap. Niall likes me back?! OK could this day get any better?!! A new phone and car, I got to move in with Niall and I figure out he likes me back. I mean wow. Just. Wow. So, I decided to flirt back,

"Damn, there go all my plans. It would've been fun too." I said acting sad. And of course I did my signature puppy dog face. 

"Sorry babe,but you couldn't handle all of this." he added sarcastically

I had no comment. For once. I knew he won, "Ugh,Whatever." I said and pretended to storm off with two of my bags. Next thing I know I hear, "Victory is mineee!" coming from the blonde dork in the kitchen. "Come in here and help me unpack!" I said while laughing. 


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