My summer with one direction

Hello my names dani I'm 17 And my dad is mailman me on tour with One Direction. I love these guys I've meet them a couples times but I can't wait! And I get to see my brother Greyson chance (: yes my name is Danielle chance.


10. The truth comes out

   Dani's POV 

  It was around 8 at night and I was getting tired so I went to Louis room and said goodnight to everyone and went to bed. But Harry stopped me. " what harry I'm tired?" I asked him. We were in the hallway and he had a hold of my wrist. " I need to tell you something." Okay so tell me I don't have tome for games" okay... I..uh...I like you" he said then kissed me. I pushed him off ans screamed OM MY FRACKING CARROTTS" then Louis waked out" CARROTTS!" He soda then saw I was almost crying and got zayn. He took me to my room and asked what happen so I told him. And he got mad. "Holy fucking shit" I know" what do I tell Niall? " just tell him the truth." Okay will you go get him and thanks for being here for me love you " I love you too babe and ill always be here for you" I know" I said and hugged him. 

Nialls POV

" hey mate your girl need to talk to you." Zayn said when he got back to Louis's room. " okay well g' night guys." They all mumbled night and I walked in and saw her with her back to me. I warped my arms around her and kissed her cheek." Hey babe" hey we need to talk I have to tell you something ." Okay babe what is it?"  Harry kissed me and I didn't kiss back I just pushed him off me."  WHAT THE HELL." I know I just I'm sorry." Babe you don't need to be sorry he's the one that kissed you" I said while hugging Her and kissing her forehead. " I'll be back baby go to sleep okay." She nodded her head and then laid down. I walked over to Harry's room and walked in." What the hell Harry" he jumped and the said " what ?" What in the hell did u kiss dani" I uh mate I'm sorry I'm just I don't know I'm sorry" it's okay just don't do it agin" okay" 

- heyyy guyssss what do you think this is my first movella so please let me know. I know it's not that good yet just wait.-

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