My summer with one direction

Hello my names dani I'm 17 And my dad is mailman me on tour with One Direction. I love these guys I've meet them a couples times but I can't wait! And I get to see my brother Greyson chance (: yes my name is Danielle chance.


8. The date

Brits p.o.v~

It was 7 and zayn said the date would be at 8 so I got changed into once I was done Dani curled my hair and I was ready to go. " hey you look amazing" awe thanks zanie" I hugged him and we left. We got into his car and I kept asking him where we were going and he wouldn't tell me. We got to a diner and it was so cute. " Zane OMG this is awsome how did u know I like diners." Well lets say a little birdie told me." He said and right then I knew dani told him. Mental note thank her later. The date was going great. We starte to dance to music and we got really close he looked from my eyes to my lips and leaned In and so did I out lips me t and there were fireworks. He pulled away and the asked " Brittany we haven't known each other long but will u be my girlfriend?" Yes yes yes !" I said and then kisssed him agin. We left and when we got home I went to Dani's room and her and Niall were Asleep. I took. Picture of them and put it in twitter.
~zayn's p.o.v~ I can't believe she said yes! Hurray �� when she got back in the room she went to change and and then she came to bed and I put my arm around her and kissed her head " goodnight love" night zayn" after that she was asleep and I d
Fell asleep to.
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