My summer with one direction

Hello my names dani I'm 17 And my dad is mailman me on tour with One Direction. I love these guys I've meet them a couples times but I can't wait! And I get to see my brother Greyson chance (: yes my name is Danielle chance.


11. One way or another

-Harry's Pov-

Damn it. I can't believe I did that. Shit! I do really like her I just can't help it her lips are so fuckin kissable. I guess I need to get over it she's  nialls girl not mine.

Brittany's Pov

" hey babe" I said to dani when I saw her coming out of her room. " hey" she said " do you wanna talk dani? You know I'm here we don't need a repeat of last time." No I. Fine and that was 8th grade." I know but your dad told me to keep an eye on you. "okay but I'm fine I promise." Okay where are you heading" oh I'm going to hang out with Ed " Ed?" Holy shit you know Ed Sheeran?" Why didn't you tell me " cuse I just met him yesterday." She said. I said oh and hugged her and off she went. 

Dani's Pov 
" ED!" I screamed when I saw him. Me and him have been bestfriemds for a while I know I lied to Brit but she doesn't know half of the famous people I do. He hugged ,e and we went inside star bucks. " so what's wrong Hun? He asked. " well Harry kissed me last night." He looked shocked then laughed" why the hell are you laughing " because I knew he liked you I was waiting for something like this to happen " well it happend" I said and laughed too. "So I hear your touring with us." I said and he shook his head and we both hugged each other." I should get something for Niall he will want food soon" of course he will" Ed said sarcastically. We both laughed and I got Niall soothing and we went ot the hotel to Liam's room and I went to sit on Nialls lap and gave him his food. He kissed my cheek and then hugged my waist. " aweeee;" Brit said and I threw a pillow at her" haha bitch " I said jockingly but the guys took it serious and then I said " just kidding I love you" then I ran over to her and sat on her lap and kissed her cheek. " but I thought you loved me" Niall said. I lush red and sat on him agin then said " no one can replace you" and then I kissed him with lots of passion. Then someone cleared there thrgt   We pulled away blushing. " take that somewhere else" Liam said and niall said" okay"he lifted me up and carried me to our room. " now lets finish this" he said and started kissing me with lots of passion. Next thing I know mine and his shirts are off. " babe are you shure ?" He asked" damn it niall yes I am." I said and he took off his pants and began kissing my neck..
You know where this is going ;)

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