My summer with one direction

Hello my names dani I'm 17 And my dad is mailman me on tour with One Direction. I love these guys I've meet them a couples times but I can't wait! And I get to see my brother Greyson chance (: yes my name is Danielle chance.


4. In love?..

~nail's P.O.V~

"Belive me now" I asked him and he smiled yeah I do. I kissed her cheek and held her hand. We landed on L.A and we went to our hotel. We all had our own rooms but me and dani shared a room." I'm going to sleep niall" okay babe" I kissed her and put on a pair of sweats and layers next to her and put my arm around her.

~Harry's P.O.V~
When Niall said they were dating I got really mad.. I wanted her to be mine. But n
She's Nialls. I went to my room and changed into some sweats and went to zays room. "Hey mate." Hey Harry vas happing" nonthing " ok I know what we can do we can play a trick On Niall and dani." He said " what kind of trick?" We can run in with nerv guns and shoot them." Ok" we got our nerd guns and the rest of the guys came with us. We walke din and they wee asleep. We counted to three quietly and shot them. But dani shot us back." Haha bet you didn't see that coming did you curly" she asked I hook my head.

~Dani's P.O.V

Did he really think he could get me. Hah funny. I've known these guys almost 2 years I know better than that. Zayn looked at me and laughed and I shot him with my nerd gun and he jumped. "Hey" hii " I said back. Niall was still asleep so I told the guys to go in the kitchen and that. Would be there in a sec. " Niall babe wake up" he woke up " hey babe" he said and kissed me. I kisses back then skipped to the kitchen. I saw Harry cooking and I sat down next to zayn. " hey bro" hey sis." I hugged him and then Niall cam and sat Down I. Sat in his lap and he hugged my waist. Louis walked in and said aww and then sat on me. " uh Louis why are you sitting on me?" " because I can" I pushed him off and he started eating with the rest of us.

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