My summer with one direction

Hello my names dani I'm 17 And my dad is mailman me on tour with One Direction. I love these guys I've meet them a couples times but I can't wait! And I get to see my brother Greyson chance (: yes my name is Danielle chance.


6. Best friends forever

Dani's P.O.V.

"Niall can we fly my best friend here pleasssssee" I asked him with puppy dog eyes. Brittany's birthday was in 2 days and I wanted to surprise her. " okay fine ill talk to the guys" I jumped up and kisssed him and said a lot of thank yous. He want and talk to the guys and they agreed I call her mom and asked her and she said Ed and I told her to just take her to airport and not tell her bout me.

Brittany' s p.o.v
Mom said I was going to my aunts house. I didn't even know I hand an aunt . I got on the plane and wait for it to fly away. I got off the plane in Florida. I the saw my best friend and I ran other and almost killed her with my hug. Then I saw One Direction. " holy shit I love you to pieces Dani." She giggled and said I know. We got to a hotel and I had to share a room with zayn. Omg yeses.. I want to Dani's room and walked In and saw her and Niall making out.."AWWWWW " I said then they pulled away blushing. Niall threw a pillow at me and I caught it and churches it back at him, " are you ready to go shopping?" I asked her. " let me chance real quick" she came out in this after that me and her left and went to the mall. She paid for everything. I guess because Niall gave her his credit card I don't know but it was fun.
Brittany was beautiful. She had brown hair with really bright blue eyes. I had to share a room with her which I didn't mind. When her and Dani came back she came into the room and put her new clothes away and the laid down. " hey Brit" hi zayn" can I tell you something?" What is it zayn" uhh I was wondering if maybe you would want to go on a date with me.?" She jumped up and kissed me and said yes. " awsome be react by 8." Ok
Brittany's P.O.V
OMG ZAYN ASKED ME OUT I texted to dani and she Rabin a screaming. We look at my clothes and I devices on andi looked damn good. And then,e and Dani did our handshake and then in unison said BEST FRIENDZ FOREVER
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