Two ends of the world.

>> A love story about being loved for who you are.<<
Spencer and her bestfriend Brittany, agrees to travel to each side of the world, for a year. They have no place to live, no food and no friends.

When Spencer arrives, she don't have any clue what to do. She walks around untill she finds a nasty, little place who might have an apartment for her. They hadn't. And that's when Bane shows up. He says that she can live with him and his friends until she find a place. But they turn out to be the best friends. The love flaws between her and Bane, and she finds out that she don't have to fit in to get loved. And she wonders if she even lived her life at home... But time went fast, and she have to go home.

Brittany gets a disgusting job with a very hot manager, who isn't interrested in her at all. Brittany isn't use to that, and with her new friend the hunting starts. Eventhought it's embarrasing and stupid, she wont give up, before his into her. Will he give in?


3. Chapter two.

>>Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry<<

The heat hit me right when I stepped out of the plain. My lungs got filled with the nice, tropical smells, and my ears with laughter and excitement. I smiled, and started walking down the stairs. I didn’t have anything to worry about. Nothing at all. I just walked careless through the airport, and into Bangkok. I found the map I had in my bag and opened it to find out where my apartment was. A big, red circle showed me where to go. It wasn’t far away. It wouldn’t last long before I’d have a home, a bed and a bathroom. But I had to admit it: I felt kind of bad, lying to Spence, but I was sure she’d find a place to live soon or after. I just hoped it was soon. It didn’t last long before I had forgotten all about Spencer, and was on my way to my apartment, in a cap. I was stunned by the city and all its lights. It was nothing of the things I had imagined. All the neon lights shining down from the houses, lighting up the big road we drove on, with all kind of colours. The streets were filled with people, who laughed and smiled. A tip of a tower showed up behind one of the big houses, and I promised myself, that I’d visit that place one time. It only felt like a few seconds before the cap took a smaller road, and began to drive out of the Centrum. The houses got smaller and there began to get a lot more space between them. Behind me the big buildings rose up, showing how big and beautiful this city was. I got enthralled of it, but then the taxi stopped in front of a house. It seemed so little compared to all these monster buildings I just drove past. There were about four floors. On each floor, there were three apartments. They weren’t very big, but it was the only thing I could afford.

‘’Pay, miss, pay’’ The little, chubby driver said with he’s weird accent. ‘’Of course!’’ I answered a bit harshly, while I found the wallet in my bag. My wallet was made of black leather covered with blondes, and inside it was covered with black silk. I still remember the day I bought it. Spence and I were out shopping, and I asked her to help me find a wallet, because she always was so fashionable. She found this brownish wallet with white stars on it, and said it was a very wearable colour. But it was boring. I liked black, leather, blondes and colours. She has always been much more natural. Then we looked some more, and then I found this. When I asked for her opinion she just lifted her shoulders and said:’’ It’s ok…’’ She always has been bad at saying her true opinion. It’s such a weird problem. I can’t help saying what I really mean. ‘’Mrs…’’ The driver said with his shrilling voice:’’ It’ll be 1568,89 baht.’’ ‘’What!? You must be crazy!’’ I stated:’’ I won’t pay you that much just for a damn cap drive!’’ ‘’35 pound, Mrs.’’ The cap driver said quietly, obviously in chock. Feeling kind of ashamed, I hid my face behind my wallet, while I tried to find the money. ‘’Here you go. Keep the rest.’’ I smiled. He didn’t smile back. He just nodded, closed the door and drove away. With a bad feeling in my stomach, I turned to the house. It was pretty. With small, warm lights that covered the doorframe, the windows and the porch. Flowers of each side of the stairs. A couple of old men sat on a bench, completely busy playing chess. They didn’t even notice me when I passed them and went into the house. The house was even prettier on the inside. The brown walls were covered with all kinds of pictures and frippery, and the floor was covered with a striped blanket in red tones. The lamps sent a warm, calmy light into the room and I instantly felt home I was about to take my jacket of, when suddenly a little lady ran into the room. ‘’Welcome! Welcome!’’ She said with a thai accent. I putted my baggage against the wall, when she grabbed my hand and guided me into a smaller room. In the corner two, red chairs stood. Over them hang a picture of a dragon. A dark brown counter stood on the other side of the room. There stood a big bouquet of colourful flowers on each side of the disk. ‘’You must be Mrs. Brittany Dawson.’’ She said, with her eyes on a black book full of names. ‘’Yes, that’s true. How did you now?’’ I asked confused, as she drew a big, red X by my name. ‘’We don’t have much new people in our hotel.’’ She answered with her funny thai accent.:’’ Always the same people who live here. Very nice.’’

I laughed quietly. Her voice really sounded like an impersonation of a Japanese woman, in a really bad movie. It was so funny. I followed up the stairs, down a hallway and then up some more stairs. The higher up we got, the smaller the space got, and in the end we could barely stand next to each other up the stairs. ‘’You got the top room.’’ She said, and made a weird hand movement to the door. ‘’Dinner’s seven’’

The brown, threadbare door squeaked as I opened it, and a cloud of dust rose in the room.

‘’Well, here hasn’t been someone for a while.’’ I whispered to myself, after I almost choked in dust and dirt. I let my hand touch the surface of a table when I passed it. My fingers were covered in filth when I reached the window. Under it the bed stood. The funny thai woman must have made the bed, because the pillow and the duvet was covered in a clean, white sheets with red flowers on it. On top a red silk blanket lay. With a little help this place could get amazing. If I cleaned it up and bought some things. The only problem was that I didn’t clean up. And I didn’t buy things to other peoples homes. Well, I had to change that. I knew it, but I had loads of time, so it didn’t have to be right now. Instead I opened the window and enjoyed the fresh air and the beautiful view over Bangkok city.

It didn’t last long before it got seven. By the time my stomach was dying of hunger, but I hadn’t noticed before now. It rumbled all the way down to the dinner room, which I had problems finding in the first place. I was relieved when I finally got to sit down and get a drink. The smell of coconut, garlic, chilli and especially fish filled the room. My mouth nearly drooled, when the first dish was placed in front of me. It was served by a girl, probably my age. She nodded friendly to me and said:’’ Phelidphelin kạb xāh̄ār.’’ I had absolutely no clue what that meant, so I just smiled. After a short amount of time she walked away. First then, could I start eat, because I hated when people looked at me while I ate. The first meal was some kind of fish soup. I didn’t really notice, I just grabbed my spoon, took the soup and putted into my mouth. The warmth filled my body, and I ate the soup on a few seconds. When the girl noticed it, she got my empty plate and replaced it with a new. This time it was some rice mixed with chicken, vegetables and some sauce. I ate that too. The food kept coming and I ate like I hadn’t got food for months.

‘’You’re very hungry.’’ The girl said when she picked up the fourth plate. ‘’Yea… I don’t know what’s happening.’’ I growled, as I finished my sixth drink. ‘’ Can I get one more of these?’’ I asked, handing her the empty glass. ‘’Of course, but you’ll have to ask another. My shift is over.’’ I couldn’t help notice how good her English was, compared to the older people working here. ‘’Oh.’’ I said. Then there was a short break with silence, before she broke it. ‘’ Well, if that’s everything…’’ She turned around and headed for the kitchen, when suddenly the words just fell out of my mouth:’’ Why don’t you stay here and have a drink with me?’’

Well, you sure don’t need another drink, Brittany, I hissed at my self. I always get too friendly when I had too much to drink. I cursed at myself when she turned back around, smiled and said:’’ Ok, then I better get two drinks more.’’ I nodded stiff. Damn you, Brittany. I didn’t need company.

‘’Here you go.’’ She said, when she returned. She placed our drinks on the table and sat down in front of me. ‘’So what’s your name?’’ she asked, seeming truly interested:’’ I haven’t seen you around before.’’ ‘’Uhm, I’m new here.’’ I mumbled, still mad at myself:’’ My name Is Brittany.’’ ‘’Only Brittany?’’ She teased. ‘’ No, Brittany Dawson.’’

‘’Well, hello Brittany. My name is Wanwisa’’

‘’That’s a funny name.’’ I said, a little bit confused.

‘’It’s a thai name.’’ She explained:’’ But not very common. It was my dads idea.’’

‘’Why on earth did your dad call you that?’’ I asked, trying not to sound too judgemental, but I knew it was too late. She just smiled and explained:’’ Wanwisa means goddess of the sea. My dad is a sailor. It’s his job, and he loves it so much that he named me after it.’’

‘’So, he just named you goddess of the sea?’’

‘’Well, yea.’’ She said more silent than before:’’ My mom used to say that when I was born, I was the most beautiful thing in the whole world. She said that my father thought I was more beautiful than a goddess.’’ She held a short break, and ran her fingers through her hair, just the way Spencer used to:’’ I think it’s completely ridicules, really.’’ She really was stunning, even thought I hated admitting it. With her bronze tan, her long, silky black hair, running down her perfectly structured face and down to the middle of her arms. Her dark brown eyes sparkled in the light from the lamps.

‘’Why don’t your mom tell these beautiful stories anymore?’’ I asked sarcastically, taking a sip of my drink. I hated myself for being the nice-drunk kind of type.

‘’She’s dead’’ She whispered, while I saw how her eyes turned sad. ‘’Oh…’’ Was the only thing that came out of my mouth. Why could I never say the right thing, when people needed me to?

‘’I’m sorry.’’ I said quietly:’’ I didn’t mean to offend you or anything. That’s just my nature, I think.’’ I don’t know why I said that, but it was the truth. No matter what I said, I couldn’t stop saying something hurtful or contemptuous.

‘’It’s ok.’’ She smiled;’’ I probably should have got use to the thought by now, but I haven’t’’ I took a big slug of my drink, and after a few seconds it was empty.

‘’I don’t think you’ll ever get use to the thought.’’ I said, kind of blurry:’’ I don’t think I could live without my mom, even though I hate her crazy much sometimes.’’ Her smile grew bigger.

‘’You’re probably right.’’ She said, and drank the rest of her drink:’’ Maybe we should get another one of these?’’



I don’t know how long I had been wandering around these streets. No matter where I looked I always seemed to have been here before. Or at least I thought so. The colourful houses looked like each other. Every. Single. One. I snuffled. The sky was turning dark, and stars were beginning to appear behind the mountains, which were covered in the red colours from the last bit of the sun, tipping over the horizon. It looked like it was on fire, I thought while turning of the big road into much smaller one. Somewhere, not far away, I could here the sound of a singing crowd. ‘’Aloha hei, Aloha hei.’’ I mumbled. That was probably the hotel I had tried to get a room in. Or maybe it was the other one? I had tried so many hotels today, that I couldn’t keep count anymore. It seemed like a million. My feet were hurting, and I felt like I would start to cry every second. I hoped Brittany had found a place to stay. She probably had. I didn’t have the same convincing skills, like her. Somehow she never had an awkward conversation. She wasn’t afraid to tell her opinion, or ask questions. Even though they were really stupid sometimes. Well, I got the brain.

I laughed sarcastically, as I walked down another street. I couldn’t regret this more. Why did I go? This was, without doubt, the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.

I was considering the options of sleeping on the street when I stopped at a little place, saying ‘’Rooms for rent.’’

‘’Please let there be a room. Please.’’ I prayed to the higher lord; when I opened the door and entered the little, dirty place. I wasn’t sure you could call this a house. It looked more like a cave with its brown walls, brown furniture and very few decorations. The lamps didn’t send much light in, and neither did the windows. For a short second I looked at the people sitting there. Most of their faces were hidden by shadows, but I could easily see, that it was the kind of people I usually avoided. I hated my biases, but I just couldn’t stop thinking these kinds of thoughts. Maybe it was because I pictured myself as an innocent, little girl. I looked like that, with my round face, red cheeks and big lips. With brown, thick hair going down beneath my shoulders and cat green eyes. I really didn’t like the way I looked. I had an awful double chin. I didn’t look into the mirrors hanging behind the bar, when I walked towards it.

‘’Hello.’’ I said quietly, while sitting down on one of the bar chairs.

‘’Alloha!’’ The thick man behind the bar answered, as he got a glass and cleaned it:’’ How can I help you?’’

‘’I’m looking for a room to rent’’

‘’Oh, I think we can manage that! For how long?’’

‘’Uhm, about a year.’’

‘’Oh, let me see.’’ He said, putting the glass down on the table:’’ Just give me a second.’’

He disappeared in behind a blanket, and let me sit here alone. I felt like everybody was watching me. Especially a guy sitting in the left corner.

After a couple of minutes the waiter came back. ‘’ I’m sorry, miss. We don’t have any rooms.’’ He said still:’’ You should try the beach apartments. They aren’t far away.’’

‘’Already been there.’’ I said, without really knowing what to think, or what to believe. I must have tried every single hotel and apartment house on whole Moloka’i.

‘’I’m really sorry, miss.’’ The waiter said, trying to help me:’’ Please, let me give you a drink on the house. I nodded. ‘’Something strong, please.’’ I just said, without looking at him.

When he putted it down in front of me, I took a swig of my drink, which apparently was some kind of vodka, and it burned in my throat, and all the way down, but filled my body with a weird warm feeling.

Suddenly I began to cry silently. I don’t think anyone really noticed. The waiter looked worried over at me, and filled my glass up. It looked like, he thought drinking would help. I blubbered, and took another sip of my drink. I couldn’t see the light of the tunnel, this time. Everything looked so dark. Even the room was dark. Even the person walking towards me. Then I realised that someone was coming my way, and I quietly panicked. It was a tall, dark haired guy. He was wearing a white t-shirt and some simple cowboy shorts. I couldn’t tell if his hair was curled or just messy, but there was something weird, attractive about him, even though I couldn’t see his face.

‘’Are you ok?’’ He asked, with a pure, beautiful voice.

‘’I’m fine.’’ I answered. I knew that wasn’t convincing at all.

‘’You’re a terrible liar, you know.’’ He smiled, with the cutest smile I’ve ever seen.

‘’I know.’’ I snivelled, and took a sip more of my drink:’’ It’s a stupid history, really.’’

‘’Well, I love stories.’’

‘’Well, ok.’’

Then I told him the story of me and Brittany’s unbrilliant idea. I went on and on for quite a while. Right to the moment, where I walked into the hotel bar. Through the whole story he had this little smile on his face. Like he thought I was amusing, or something. It kind of annoyed me, but when I finished, and he saw me looking at him, his face turned worried again. 

‘’You kind of screwed.’’ He then said, after a short break of silence.

‘’I guess I am.’’ I answered sulky:’’ I’ll probably end up sleeping on the street.’’

Just to hear me say it, almost made me cry again, but I refused to cry in front of a hot guy. I’d wait till I get out on the street.

I must have sat there like a lost, dirty puppy, because suddenly he asked stuttering:’’ This might be weird, but you can live with me and a couple of friends.’’ He waited to see my reaction:’’ Just until you find a place, of course.’’ I smiled relieved. ‘’Thank you so much!’’ I finally said, not being able to control my happiness. All I could think of in the moment was that I had found a place to stay. I first remembered that I’d have to stay in a house with completely strangers, in I don’t know how long, when I walked out the door. I followed the guy over to his car. It was a red, old bubble without any roof. ‘’Just hop in!’’ in smiled, as he sat down. I hesitated for a second. What if he was some kind of psycho? No, he wasn’t. He just didn’t seem like one. I nodded and got awkwardly into the car.

He started the bubble, and a noisy rumble sounded from its engine. Right before he drove away, he looked at me and said: I’m Bane, by the way.’’

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