Two ends of the world.

>> A love story about being loved for who you are.<<
Spencer and her bestfriend Brittany, agrees to travel to each side of the world, for a year. They have no place to live, no food and no friends.

When Spencer arrives, she don't have any clue what to do. She walks around untill she finds a nasty, little place who might have an apartment for her. They hadn't. And that's when Bane shows up. He says that she can live with him and his friends until she find a place. But they turn out to be the best friends. The love flaws between her and Bane, and she finds out that she don't have to fit in to get loved. And she wonders if she even lived her life at home... But time went fast, and she have to go home.

Brittany gets a disgusting job with a very hot manager, who isn't interrested in her at all. Brittany isn't use to that, and with her new friend the hunting starts. Eventhought it's embarrasing and stupid, she wont give up, before his into her. Will he give in?


2. Chapter one.

>>Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try<<

It felt like I was in the middle of some weird dream. A dream where I suddenly stood on the airport, without having a clue how I got here. I just stood in the middle of this big group of people, I didn’t know, and watched as, they rushed by. I don’t think I really knew what I had said yes to.

Brittany came up with the idea to travel to each side of the world, and then stay there for a year. She thought I needed it. In fact she said:’’ You need to get away, and get some new friends. You need to transcend your barriers. Maybe you’ll even get a boyfriend, and I might actually find a guy I’m interested in. ’’ She always teased me with the fact that I never had had a boyfriend before. I just wasn’t that popular among boys, I don’t know why she didn’t understand that. And unlike her, I could actually live without every boys attention. Even though I secretly wished for it. Suddenly Brittany appeared in the crowd.‘’Spenceeeeeeee!’’ She shrilled, as she bumped her luggage next to mine,’’ I’m so exited for this, aren’t you?’’

‘’No, not really...’ I groaned and sat down on my biggest suitcase. I really didn’t like this idea. Normally I loved to travel, but that was with my parent or my friends. Not all alone. ‘’Oh shut up.’’ She said,’’ It’s going to be great! I promise. And when we get home we’ll exchange life experiences and talk about all the amazing things we’ve tried.’’ She held a break and looked at her leopard-iPhone. ‘’And then we’ll continue with our boring life.’’ She ended slowly before putting her iPhone back in her army-jacket. ‘’Mmmh…’’’ I mumbled and looked at the screens over the baggage carousel. My flight didn’t stand there yet. I ran my hand through my hair, before I searched for my phone in my pocket. The pockets in my sweatpants were really deep. I could feel I was in a bad mood when I finally found my phone. I angrily texted my parents back, before checking my Instagram. ‘’Wow, if you keep pressing your screen like that, it’ll break.’’ Brittany said, as she sat down on her own suitcase,’’ Are you ok?’’

‘’I just really think this is a bad idea.’’ I grumbled,’’ We don’t even know where to live.’’

‘’That’s part of the fun.’’ She smiled, and laid her hand on mine,’’ It’s going to be amazing, don’t worry. And if it isn’t, I’ll give you the rest of my money on my vacation-account.’’

‘’I don’t need your money if I end up, lying dead on the street!’’ I smiled back and punched her on the arm. ‘’You just hit me!’’ She yelled and pointed at me with her long, thin fingers,’’ Payback is a bi…. That’s my plain.’’ I followed her look, and saw her plains name on the screen. ‘Plain 106, Bangkok’ Brittany got up and grabbed her to smaller bags, before she asked me:’’ Aren’t you going to help me?’’ I nodded quietly, took her baggage and followed her. Her heels clicked against the shiny, white floor. Brittany was that kind of girl that wore heals everywhere, in every situation. She thought it was more important to look good for a walk in the woods, than actually be able to walk. In some way I did understand her. I liked wearing high heals to, but I thought a little bit more than she did. Sometimes I wasn’t sure she thought at all. That was one of our many differences. I thought way too much. About what people mean about me and life in general. In fact was doing it right now, so I pushed my thoughts a way, and tried to keep up with Brittany instead. ‘’This is so exiting!’’ She said, with a big smile on her face. At least one of us enjoyed this. She dragged me a little bit to the left, so a group of boys could see us more. She smiled sweetly to them before turning to me saying:’’ Well, good luck, hun. I’m going to miss you.’’ ‘I’ll miss you too.’’ I said and hugged her. ‘’ Don’t get in to much trouble, ok?’ ‘’Trouble?’’ She said, obvious paying all her attention to the boys:’’ I never get in trouble.’’Then she took her bags, winked at the boys and walked away. I had a weird feeling in my stomach when she waved at me and disappeared around the corner. I felt vulnerable, in some way. Now there was no turning back. Well, there was, but if I did go home, she’d never forgive me, and I didn’t dare that. So I just sat down on one of the hard, blue chairs and waited.

 It felt like hours before my plain stood on the screen. ‘’302, Moloka’I’’ I got up, took my baggage and waited another amount of time, because of a man who was fighting with the stewardess, about a forgotten passport. He though he was special enough to get through without it, but the stewardess just said:’’ No special treatment, sir.’’ Then after a short break:’’ Unless you’re Barack Obama or Justin Bieber.’’ A couple of people laughed behind him, but he didn’t notice. He just walked angrily and humiliated away. Then the line began to move. I was pleased, because I was the most impatient person in the whole world. After short time, it was my turn. I smiled at the stewardess, as she asked for my papers. ‘’Ofcourse.’’ I said,’’ Just one second.’’ I opened my bag, and ran through all my stuff, but I couldn’t find any paper. Slightly panicking, I ran through it again. I found my lipgloss, which I couldn’t find this morning, my iPad and my Forrest Gump book, but no passport. I cursed at my self. ‘’Is everything alright, miss?’’ The stewardess, who must have heard my cursing, asked. ‘’Uhm… Yes. Just one more second.’’ I awkwardly opened the other rooms in my bag. This was so embarrassing. I was about to cry, when I finally realised that I had putted it in my jacket, because I thought it would be smart. I picked my jacket up, and searched the first pocket, then the second. I could finally breath again, when my hand touched some paper. ‘’I was about to get nervous, miss.’’ The stewardess smiled. She took the passport, then the ticket and checked them. '’Good, just put you baggage up here.’’I nodded, and lifted all of my bags up on the conveyor belt. ‘’that’s loads of luggage you got there.’’ The stewardess said, while putting some stickers on it. ‘’Yea… I’m going away for quite a while.’’ I answered, still a little bit embarrassed, after not being able to find my things. ‘’Oh, I see.’’ She said,’’ For how long?’’

‘’A year.’’

‘’Where are you going to live?’’

‘’Erh… I actually don’t know, yet.’’

‘’Oh.’’ She said looking kind of worried,’’ That’s brave.’’

‘’ I guess.’’

‘’Well, be careful, there can be loads of nasty people ready to offer you a place to stay.’’

‘’I will, don’t worry.’’ I assured her, a little bit chocked over her interest in my life. 


I still couldn’t believe I was walking into a plain, heading for Moloka’i.

My hands were shaking when I pulled my ticket out and showed it to another, alot madder, stewardess. She nodded, and showed me I could continue.

It was cold when I stepped into the plain, and I instantly started freezing. I robbed my hands against each other, as I walked through the small space between the seats.

I smiled at several old men with Hawaii shirts on, but I completely panicked when I walked by a hot guy. Oh, how I hated myself sometimes.

I finally found my seat and sat down placing my bag by my feet. I leaned back, putted my earphones in and turned on the music.  

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