Two ends of the world.

>> A love story about being loved for who you are.<<
Spencer and her bestfriend Brittany, agrees to travel to each side of the world, for a year. They have no place to live, no food and no friends.

When Spencer arrives, she don't have any clue what to do. She walks around untill she finds a nasty, little place who might have an apartment for her. They hadn't. And that's when Bane shows up. He says that she can live with him and his friends until she find a place. But they turn out to be the best friends. The love flaws between her and Bane, and she finds out that she don't have to fit in to get loved. And she wonders if she even lived her life at home... But time went fast, and she have to go home.

Brittany gets a disgusting job with a very hot manager, who isn't interrested in her at all. Brittany isn't use to that, and with her new friend the hunting starts. Eventhought it's embarrasing and stupid, she wont give up, before his into her. Will he give in?


5. Chapter four.

>>I found comfort through literature. I loved getting lost in things as marvellous and as wonderful as books. They made me forget about my own troubles, like a submarine and the sea, they submerged me so perfectly<<


‘’Wow…’’ Junta said stunned when Bane came with my luggage.

‘’How long was it you were planning to stay?’’

‘’I packed for a year.’’ I said, while I opened the first bag.

‘’So you should live on the streets for a year, if it wasn’t for helpful Bane?’’

‘’ I guess you can say s… Wow, there really is loads of space in here.’’ I said, not able to understand how anyone could live with such an small amount of clothes. Three dresses were hanging on the hanger, and three shelves we’re filled with shorts, jeans and tops. A couple pairs of shoes stood at the bottom of the closet. ‘’Well, you have enough clothes for the whole of Moloka’I. Just sell some of it, and you can buy a small house.’’  She said, after she opened the second bag which also was filled with clothes and shoes. She found a white dress and held it up in front of her, looking interested at it.

‘’Forget it, Junta. I’m not selling my clothes.’’

‘’Oh, damn it.’’ She said disappointed, and hang it on the hanger in the closet. I felt kind of bad when I saw her disappointed face, so instead I said:’’ You can borrow it.’’ I hang another dress in the closet:’’ And so can Daw, if she wants to.’’

‘’Really?’’ She asked, looking more and more exited.

‘’Of course.’’ I assured her:’’ Just be careful with it.’’

‘’Daw will be so glad! She always says we don’t have enough clothes!’’

I smiled shy: Happy to be the reason for this much joy, just by allowing them to borrow my clothes.

‘’I owe you it.’’ I smiled, and continued hanging my clothes up. First all my dresses and skirts. Then my tops, my shorts, a couple of jeans, and in the end, all of my shoes.

It took quite a while, and when we finally finished, we both fell down on our beds to take a well-deserved break.

‘’ Never have I ever imagined that anyone had that much clothes.’’ She laughed, and threw a teddy-bear at me:’’ I can’t believe you made me spend my whole evening on this.’’

‘’I’m sorry.’’ I laughed back, trying to grab the bear, but Junta got it first.

‘’I’m going to kick your ass with this teddy-bear!’’ She said, trying to sound serious and dangerous, while she stood up in the bed.

‘’Bring it at me.’’ I said and made the meanest face I could, while I also tried to stand up in the bed. I grabbed my pillow and threw it at her. It hit her right in the face, and her hair was all messy when she attacked me. We fought until Junta fell down from the bed with a big bump.

I was almost choked in laughter, when Daw’s voice sounded:’’ What are you doing down there?’’

Jenta placed her finger in front of her lips, and hushed me as she slowly crawled against the door with her teddy-bear in the right hand. I placed my hand in front of my mouth to stop the laughing. Outside the door, we could here Daw’s steps getting closer and closer and in the end she opened the door.

‘’Bwaaaaah!’’ Junta yelled and punched Daw with the pillow. Her face was absolutely red when she mumbled:’’ You little…’’ Junta’s black eyes got twice as big as they were before, when she ran away from Daw, who was chasing her. Through all this I was laying in my bed, almost dying from laughter. That ended when two pillows suddenly hit my face.

‘’Peace, peace.’’ I caught, and sat up.

‘’Fine.’’ Daw smiled, before she got up and walked towards the door:’’ There’s dinner, by the way. I hope you can eat, after I beat your asses that bad.’’ After saying that, she disappeared from the door into the corridor. A well-known anxiety returned as a big stone in my stomach, making me feel that I could explode any second. And when I got up and followed Junta out the door that stone just got heavier and heavier, and bigger and bigger the closer we came.

When we finally reached the living room, I felt like my stomach was exploding right at the very moment, and I could puke all over the place. Apparently Junta noticed, because before walking in she gave my hand a little squeeze and said:’’ It’s going to be alright.’’

She smiled reassuring before disappearing into the door, closely followed by me.


‘’Oh, there you are!’’ Sunan smiled at us when we entered the room:’’ For a moment we thought you were killing each other down there.’’  

I smiled shyly at Sunan, before I sat down on a chair in a corner. It was going ok. No major mistakes from me yet.
‘’What are we having?’’ Junta asked and played with the fork Daw just placed in front of her.

‘’We’re having...’’ Junta dropped the fork and it hit the floor with a shrill sound.

‘’Woops, sorry.’’ She smiled, after picking it up and continuing as if nothing was happened.

At the other corner of the room, I saw Kiet roll with his eyes. He looked like a little mean cat, or something. Just laying there, looking. I quickly looked down at the ground when he looked my way. I felt like I was the mouse, hiding.

‘’Dinner’s ready.’’ Bane said from the kitchen. I sat down next to Junta and Josh, and in front of me Kiet sat. I really regretted taking this seat, when he sat down. He was the most unpleasant person I had ever met. And that meant a lot. He just filled the area near him with a cold, not welcoming feeling. I tried smiling at him, but it didn’t turn out to be more than a weird expression.

After a while in silence where Josh was reading and Junta playing with the fork, dinner finally came. And I was stunned. Not by the chicken that was placed in front of me, but by the person carrying it. This was the first time I really got to see Bane close. He’s dark brown eyes met mine when he bowed down, placing some salad next to the dinner. His eyes gazed into mine for what seems like forever, but forever ended soon, and he turned around, leaving me all warm and comfy inside.
That feeling wasn’t even ruined when Kiet gave me another frosty stare.

‘’Well, eat.’’ Daw smiled and sat down next to Bane, who sat at the end of the long table.

I took a slice of the chicken, and then passed it on to Josh.

‘’Oh, how terrific! Chicken again.’’ He said sarcastically, and took the smallest piece on the plate.

‘’This isn’t a gourmet kitchen, Josh.’’ Sunan said, pointing his knife towards Josh.

‘’No, I can taste that.’’ He answered, seeming very serious. Already then I knew I liked Josh. He had just the right amount of humour and cleverness.

Junta chuckled into her hand.

‘’Oh, shut up, will ya? I think we’ve done a great job!’ Daw said, and filled her mouth with the chicken, that was a little dry for my taste. But I wouldn’t complain. I never complained.

‘’So are you done unpacking, Spencer?’’ Bane asked from the end of the table. For at second I was unable to move any of my muscles, completely breath-taken by him talking to me, but at the end I managed to move my face.

‘’Almost.’’ I said, moving the chicken around on my white and blue plate:’’ Junta is helping me, so it went pretty fast.’’

‘’She promised me that I could borrow some of her clothes!’’ Junta smiled. She still looked extremely happy, but I couldn’t help notice how Kiet froze when she said the sentence.

This time I chose to ignore it.


I was quite full after the dinner, and when Lawan and Junta started cleaning up the table, I walked over to the sofa and sat down next to Josh. He was still reading the same book, and the notepad still lay beside him on the sofa table.

‘’What are you reading?’’ I asked.

‘’The Great Gatsby.’’

‘’The Great Gatsby?’’ I repeated, while I remembered when I was reading it.

‘’It’s an amazing book.’’ I smiled:’’ So romantic. I really love Mr. Gatsby and the way he looks at the world with all his hope.’’

‘’He is quite an exiting person.’’ Josh said, and lowered his book a bit:’’ So you’ve read it?’’

‘’Yes, several times, I think. I find it amazing how he loves Daisy so much, even though she don’t really deserve it.’’

‘’That’s true.’’ He stated, and looked into my eyes for the first time this evening:’’ It’s amazing written too.’’

‘’It is.’’ I smiled:’’ The author has a good way of describing all that happens.’’

‘’He is.’’

We sat in silence for a while, before he broke it.

‘’Do you also write notes when you read?’’ He asked, looking interested at me.

‘’It depends.’’ I answered, and thought about how I could explain it:’’ I like writing down ideas down I get through the book I’m reading. You know, so I can use it in my own stories. And then I like writing down the beautiful things that do and say.’’

‘’Mhm…’’ He nodded, and fidget with his pencil:’’ What kind of stories do you write?’’

‘’All kinds.’’ I smiled:’’ You tend to read a lot, don’t you?’’


And we went on and on the whole evening. Talking about books, authors and everything we had in comment, which turned out to be quite a lot. I couldn’t help notice how Bane kept glancing over here, and each time I saw him do it my body was filled with a weird warmth that made my cheeks burn. But I knew Bane was way out of my league, anyway. I didn’t stand a chance. Just because he invited you to live with him and his friends didn’t mean you were something special. He was just being sweet. Right?



You couldn’t exactly say I was impressed when I stepped out of Wanwisa’s car. The house standing in front of me was barely a house, and it was filled with all kinds of graffiti. Most of it was a big, dark-brown roof that made it look like a giant, poisonous mushroom, and the rest of it was barely two meters high. A mushroom with a two meter high stem and an enormous hat.

‘’Oh, don’t look so grim, Brittany.’’ Wanwisa said as she came up beside me:’’ It can’t be that bad.’’

‘’That bad?’’ I said stunned:’’ We’re way pass that bad!’’

She snorted and started walking towards the mushroom.

‘’You must be kidding me.’’ I said, as I tried to keep up with her:’’ You can’t mean that people are actually eating here.’’

‘’It’s not that bad.’’ She answered stiff, and continued through a small door I haven’t noticed before. Probably because it was the same nasty brown colour as everything else on this terrible building. Before following her into the mushroom, which I really preferred not to, I knocked on the wall. It seemed hollow and if I didn’t hear wrong, it sounded like a thousand small bugs was crawling around in there. I quickly stepped away from the wall. I wasn’t quite sure these walls were able to hold such a big mushroom-hat, to be honest. And when I entered the room, I was scared that the roof would fall down and crush me. I would feel just fine if it crushed Wanwisa. She got me into this. It’d be her fault that we died anyway.


When we got in, we walked down a narrow hallway with persons running up and down all the time. One moment Wanwisa grabbed this little, ugly boy and asked him something. I didn’t understand it, but I noticed that little wink Wanwisa gave him, before she turned around.

‘’What did you say to him?’’ I asked a couple seconds later.

‘’I asked him where the boss was.’’

‘’Sure you did.’’ I smiled, and continued down the hallway that seemed to go on forever. ‘’Who’s the boss, then?’’

‘’Oh, I’ve forgotten his real name. He is a real hunk, I tell’ ya.’’

When she said that, this didn’t seem so bad anymore. If he was a real hunk, then I’d have one thing to do in this terrible mushroom.

After a while where we wondered up and down the hallway, we reached to kitchen. It was almost empty besides a dark-blonde guy standing with his bag our way. My guess was, that that was the hot boss, and I wanted to see his face.

‘’Boss?’’ Wanwise asked as she walked along the kitchen counters.

‘’2 seconds, Wan.’’ He said, and finished off his talk with a dark haired girl, looking very cheap for my taste.

‘’What’s up?’’ He asked and turned around. He shouldn’t have done that. I was completely stunned when he turned around. His hair was pushed back, creating a small quiff, his eyes was large and deep blue, his lips where pink and plumb, while his nose poured a little bit to the left. I wanted him. And it had to go fast. I wasn’t concerned at all. Girls like me usually got boys like him, and if we didn’t the first time, we’d just try again. And that was what I was planning to do.

‘’Brittany here needs a job.’’ She started, sounding a little bit embarrassed for the first time since I’ve met her:’’ She rents a room down at the hotel, and she needed a way to pay for it, so I thought…’’

‘’It’s fantastic!’’ He smiled, walking towards me:’’ I was just about to put up a sign in the window.’’

Yes, I am kind of fantastic. Nice he could see it already.

He took my hand and shook it harshly.

‘’Welcome to my team, Brittany.’’

‘I decided to start my flirting now, and said with the sweetest voice I could:’’ I’m glad to be here… Boss. I already feel very welcome.’’

‘’Well, that’s nice, fantastic…’’ He said, sounding kind of confused:’’ If you don’t mind, I’ll have to leave you ladies. We’re having very important customers tonight, so I’m very busy.’’

‘’Of course.’’ I smiled, sounding as understandable as I could:’’ I’m sure Wanwise will show me around.’’

He nodded quickly before leaving me and Wanwisa alone. When I turned around Wanwisa rolled her eyes and made a parody of me, flirting with the boss.

‘’Oh, shut up.’’ I said when I follow her further into the building that didn’t seem so bad anymore:’’ His so hot!’’

‘’Yea, and taken.’’ Wanwisa smiled and threw a suit to me.

‘’You’ll have to wear this.’’

‘’ That isn’t a problem.’’ I said, when I tried the white shirt on.

‘’What isn’t? The clothes or the fact that he got a girlfriend?’’

‘’You’ll see.’’

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