Two ends of the world.

>> A love story about being loved for who you are.<<
Spencer and her bestfriend Brittany, agrees to travel to each side of the world, for a year. They have no place to live, no food and no friends.

When Spencer arrives, she don't have any clue what to do. She walks around untill she finds a nasty, little place who might have an apartment for her. They hadn't. And that's when Bane shows up. He says that she can live with him and his friends until she find a place. But they turn out to be the best friends. The love flaws between her and Bane, and she finds out that she don't have to fit in to get loved. And she wonders if she even lived her life at home... But time went fast, and she have to go home.

Brittany gets a disgusting job with a very hot manager, who isn't interrested in her at all. Brittany isn't use to that, and with her new friend the hunting starts. Eventhought it's embarrasing and stupid, she wont give up, before his into her. Will he give in?


6. Chapter five.

>>Nothing in this world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity<<


After Wanwisa had walked me around in ages, dressed in this hideous clothes, I mostly just wanted to go home and sit down. But Wanwisa wouldn’t let go of me, in fact she said: I couldn’t go home now. I had said yes to the job, and I couldn’t just bale on them.

Of course I wouldn’t. I wasn’t that kind of person… Especially not when a hot boss was revolved. Before I knew of it, we were back in the kitchen. It smelled better than the first time I was here. A mix of all different kinds of Thai food. I sat down on a kitchen counter and I could here how the talking grew louder in the next room. I guess that was all the guests coming to eat dinner.

‘’What’s my role tonight?’’ I asked Wanwisa, as she walked pass me and looked out of the curtain that was putted up between the two rooms.

‘’You’re a waiter. Just like me, beside I get to dictate over you and the rest.’’

‘’That’s just fine.’’ I answered, hoping she believed my lie. I hated when people decided what I should or shouldn’t do. But tonight I’d let her do it, just so I could get close to the Boss. I wondered what his real name was. Probably something uncontrollable sexy. I smiled at Wanwisa when she pointed at the curtain and said:’’ C’mon over here, and see who you’ll be serving for tonight.’’

‘’Whatever.’’ I whispered to myself and jumped down the counter again. It wouldn’t be something I couldn’t handle. I was good with people, I had always been. And when Wanwisa lifted the curtain, hoping for me to get nervous, I didn’t move a muscle in my face.

‘’Alright.’’ I just said, and smiled relaxed at Wanwisas kind of disappointed face:’’ That’ll be interesting.’’

When I looked out for the second time, a girl caught my eye. It was the same that had been talking to the Boss a couple of minutes before.

‘’Who is that girl?’’ I asked, pointing in her direction.

‘’Who? Her?’’ Wanwisa answered, as she leaned closer to the little peeping whole we had made in the curtain.

‘’That’s Jules, The girlfriend.’’

‘’Oh wait, the Boss’ girlfriend?’’

‘’Yes.’’ She smiled, not being able to control her joy of me getting some resistance.

‘’She’s not even pretty’’ I mugged, when we walked away from the curtain and back between the counters. ‘’He must think she is.’’ Wanwisa said, and began to cut some potatoes:’’ Or else it’s because of the money.’’ She almost whispered. I walked closer to her, hungering to hear more. I never said no thanks to some good, old-fashioned gossip.

‘’What money?’’ I asked, pretending to help her cut the potatoes. I didn’t know why she was so afraid of saying it too loud, and when she finally answered me, I could barely here it:’’ He owns this restaurant, you see. With loads of others around the country.’’ She looked nervously around before she continued:’’ That’s why he has this job, and why he fires everyone talking about it.’’

‘’Wow.’’ I said, happy about finally hearing something a little bit exiting:’’ That must mean it’s true, then.’’ She lifted her shoulders as an answer, and didn’t talk more about it that evening. I didn’t stop thinking about it.


When the clock was about half past five, the kitchen was completely filled with people. Ten minutes after, the Boss entered the room, making it feel much hotter. I smiled sweetly at him when he walked by me. To my huge surprise, he didn’t smile back. That made me feel a lot more insecure than I liked, and I decided to try again. After he had told the crew his message, that contained something about being dedicated, concentrated and treat you costumers right, because tonight was a very important evening, I walked over to his table. When I stood beside him, he was about to put on his chef’s hat. For a moment I was breath taken by how good he looked, with such an ridicules hat on his beautiful head.

‘’Hey’’ I said, biting my lip the way I knew looked sexy:’’ Nice hat.’’

‘’Thank you’’ He smiled, like he thought that ended our conversation.

‘’It really is. I’d like to try it on one day.’’

‘’Of course you would.’’ He said, laughing a bit:’’ Every new girl in here like to.’’

‘’Wow, ok.’’ I said, stunned by his blank rejection. And before I had got myself together he was already gone. But I wasn’t going to let him go that easy. I wasn’t like the other girls who wanted to try his hat. First of all, I was much prettier, and second of all, much smarter.

I had never experienced so much stress before. All the workers in the kitchen was running around with boiling water, hot soup, rice or some other very warm dish. I really preferred not going in there because I felt like I was playing with my life each time, but I had to show both the Boss and Wanwisa that I was skilled.

‘’SOUP FOR TABLE 4, READY’’ A young fellow with no hair yelled from one of the kitchen counters I ran over, carefully dancing around all the people running up and down the kitchen.

‘’We got a new order for table 7.’’ I said, and placed the piece of paper next to the others. I was about to deliver the meal, when the Boss again entered the room.

‘’Here let me help you.’’ I smiled and took the ball with rice from the young girl beside me. She nodded confused as I balanced trough the fast moving crowd once more. I proud noticed how the Boss was staring at me, when I skilfully placed the plates at the two tables.

‘’Here you go.’’ I smiled:’’ Anything else I can do for you?’’

The Thai people shook their heads, and smiled nicely at me. I stopped to take a small break at the disk, when the Boss suddenly was coming towards me. A warm feeling spread in my stomach, because I knew he couldn’t resist me.

‘’You’re doing a great job.’’ He said, while he kept glancing over at his girlfriend and her powerful fathers table. I smiled at the new knowledge I had gotten, thanks to Wanwisa. No matter what, I was starting to like that girl.

‘’Thank you.’’ I answered, trying not to seem too glad.

‘’ I’ll let you go early if you make the people at that table pleased.’’ He said and pointed over at the exact table, he kept looking at.

‘’Of course I’ll do that, but just for you.’’ He gave me a weird look, before walking a few meters away from me, to talk to another young waiter. I adjusted my bon, before I walked toward the ‘’important’’ people. 

‘’Good afternoon, how can I help you?’’ I said, sounding as sweet as I could, when I was standing right in front of my opponent.

The very old and mean-looking man, her father, looked me up and down, just the way his daughter just did. Their look made me want to slap them, but I controlled myself and waited for their answer.

‘’Well, We’d like three soups to start with.’’ Her father said, reading the menu closely.

His daughter kept looking at me, and then at the Boss, and then me again, and it began to amuse me. It would be a lie if I said, that I hadn’t noticed how she looked over at us, when we talked before. And it would be another lie, if I told you that didn’t enjoy that unlimited. Because I did. I really did.  

‘’Then I’d like a salad.’’ She said with a piercing, annoying voice, while she looked judging at me:’’ Think you can handle that?’’

Her father laughed a bit, and punched the man who sat next to him at the shoulder.

‘’Oh, yes. My daughter is very bright. I can guarantee you that she’ll be good for your school. ’’

I could feel how my ears turned red, when he turned his back to me and told the other man something exiting.

‘’Waiter, I asked you a question.’’ She continued, making me focus on her annoying face again:’’ Think you can handle that?’’

I nodded resentful, but before leaving, I leaned over the table and whispered:’’ I sure can handle your boyfriend.’’

Her evil face turned absolutely red, before I smiled cheeky at her and disappeared with the breadbasket. Nobody treated me like that. Well, at least not without I got revenge. I gave the note to the Boss, who was waiting for my return.

‘’What did they say?’’ He asked, sounding a bit worried.

‘’Oh, nothing much. I had quite an amusing conversation with you girlfriend.’’ He stopped breathing for a while, but after I left, it seemed that he forgot it again. At least I had had an amusing conversation with her. Kind of. I smiled at her every time she looked my way, and just when I was beginning to enjoy the evening, I had to go back to them with their orders. I walked the long way through the restaurant, with her evil look at me the whole time. It did bother me a bit. It seemed like she was watching my every move.

‘’Here you go.’’ I said politely and placed the plates in front of every one, but his girlfriend.

‘’I just need to handle you order down in the kitchen.’’ I teased, as I turned around and walked the long way back to the kitchen.

When I was delivering another order to the table next to them, I was balancing with four plates. The only reason I was so good at it, was that I once worked as a waiter at my dad’s birthday party. It was a huge party, loads of nice boys. My mind got filled with all the happy memories when suddenly something got in my way. A leg, but not just somebodys leg, no, the witch of a girlfriend’s leg. I fell and hit the ground very hard, with soup and rice all over the place. As I sat up I could hear her piercing laughter fill the whole room. My cheeks turned warm and red, but I wasn’t finished yet. I slowly got up, smiled at her now quiet face and pushed her soda down her lab.

‘’Woops.’’ I said, sounding like I didn’t give a damn, which I didn’t.

When I turned around I could see the Boss running toward us.


I slowly opened my eyes for my second day on Moloka’I. I laid there, just for a couple of minutes, thinking about all the things that had happened on such short notice. Most of the evening yesterday, I spend talking with Josh, who turned out to be a pretty nice fellow. He was very clever and we had a lot of things in common, so we didn’t run out of subjects. Sometimes Junta joined us, but she left again because she thought it was boring, which she reminded us a couple of times. Other times Lawan and Sunan, who always seemed to stick together, joined us. They were companied by Daw most of the time, who kept hitting Sunan on his strong, sunburned shoulder. Bane came over once. He sat very close to me on the small couch, but it didn’t bother me much. In fact I kind of liked it. He talked about his favourite book, which turned out to be ‘’Into the wild.’’ It described him pretty good. Because right before he came over and sat with us, Josh told me that it was Bane who had started this whole hidden cabin thing.

‘’What’s your favourite book, Spencer?’’ Bane had asked, and looked at me with those golden brown eyes.
‘’Oh, I’m not quite sure. I’ve read loads of books.’’

‘’You must have a favourite.’’ He smiled, and send me a teasing look.

‘’I don’t know!’’ I laughed, while loads of books went through my mind. I actually couldn’t name a favourite. 

‘’Then say one you liked!’’ He said, as he tried to look like he was waiting patiently, which just turned out to be him looking weirdly at me and Josh with his finger between his nose and his mouth.

A laughed at the sight of him before I answered:’’ I really enjoyed Harry Potter.’’

‘’Haha! I knew it. You kind of looked like a Potterhead.’’

‘’What on earth is a potterhead?’’ I had asked laughing, and then we had continued talking the whole night. Bane left us for a moment, leaving me and Josh alone again, but he came back. The only one who didn’t come over to say hey was Kiet. Kiet with the watching eyes and the spiky hair. He scared me a bit, actually. He scared me so much, that I was afraid of running into him on my way up to the living room. Luckily I didn’t, and I could walk safely through the hall and into the living room. The cabin was completely empty, so I continued out on the porch, where I found Josh sitting.

‘’Morning.’’ I said, as I sat down next to him on the bench.

‘’Morning.’’ He answered:’’ If you can call this morning.’’

‘’What’s the time?’’ I asked, wondering how long I had slept. I hated sleeping too long. I felt like I was spending the whole day, and I always got a headache.

‘’It’s half past one.’’ He smiled as he covered his eyes from the sun.

‘’Oh god.’’ I sighted and leaned back on the bench.

He grinned at me, before he got up.

‘’ Can I bring you any kind of breakfast?’’ He asked and bowed like a waiter with his right hand behind his bag.

‘’Ehm… Just whatever you got.’’

‘’As you wish.’’ He said with a really British accent, that every person who hadn’t heard him before would think was fake. 

For a while I just sat there, and watched as the others played at the beach. Kiet, Bane and Lawan were surfing while Junta was building a castle in the sand. Daw and Sunan laid very close to each other on a blanket.

‘’Here you go.’’ Josh said when he returned, this time with a pair of Raybans on.

‘’Thank you.’’ I smiled. I ate a bit, before I finally asked the question, which had been on my mind since I walked out of the door this morning.

‘’Why aren’t you with the others?’’ I asked, hoping I didn’t sound too rude. I didn’t mean to be it.

‘’I prefer relaxing and watching.’’ He calmly said, as he stole one of my grapes.

‘’They understand me. I don’t have to be a part of everything they do.’’

I nodded silently and started eating again. It didn’t last long before I asked my next question. I didn’t know what was going on with me. It was like all the questions I had held in yesterday just came crumbling out.

‘’So…’’ I started:’’ Don’t you ever leave this beach?’’

‘’Of course we do, love.’’ He laughed, laying his head back:’’ I’m going out for some shopping today, care to join me?’’

‘’I’d love to!’’ I smiled and drank the last of my juice. After a quick look at myself I figured that I better get dressed.

‘’I better get some clothes on, then.’’ I smiled and got with a few troubles up:’’ When are you leaving?’’ ‘’Let’s say an hour.’’ He smiled, and when he was about to pick his book up again, the others discovered that I was awake. He sighted quietly.

‘’Spenceeee!’’ Junta yelled and waved to me. I waved back and the rest began to wave. Well, beside Kiet of course.

‘’Aren’t you joining?’’ Junta asked happily.

‘’Yeah!’’ Lawan smiled with his big, white teeth:’’ Then I could teach you how to surf!’’

‘’I’d love to learn how to surf later, Lawan!’’ I yelled back:’’ But I got to get some clothes on!’’

‘’Oooooh…’’ They all said when I turned around and walked back into the cabin. Before I got into my room, I could here Josh yell:’’ Sorry, I’m stealing her today!’’


I opened the closet and found completely chaos. Never had I ever seen so much clothes, on so little space.

‘’Where are you… Where are you.’’ I whispered as I ran my hand through all of it. After five minutes of searching I finally found what I was looking for. A cream-coloured skater dress, covered in laces. One of my prettiest dresses, if I should say so. I knew that I looked best in this dress with heels on, but I figured that it was a stupid idea, judging by all the sand around the cabin. Instead I just found pair of loafers. They were also cream-coloured, but with a small, neon pink striped going all around them. Then I walked over to the mirror and began to put makeup on. Sunscreen, foundation, eyeliner, a bit of golden eye shadow, mascara, rouge and some lip balm. When I was done, I stepped a couple of steps away from the mirror and looked at the result. It was pretty satisfying. The dress was tight the right places, and fitted my body form. I wasn’t as pale as I used to be, and I actually think my legs were thinner than last week. To finish it all up, I made a high bon with a little plait. I quickly checked my phone, before putting it in my clutch. Ten likes on Instagram and a call from my mom, sister and some friends, but no call, not even a message, from Brittany.

‘’Alright.’’ I said and chose to let her contact me first. I always wrote to her first. It was her turn.


I could here Josh’s voice from the living room, when I walked up the stairs. He was still sounding calm and controlled, but this time I could here some kind of excitement over every word he spoke.

‘’Uhm, hey.’’ I said when I entered the room. They got completely silent when they looked at me, and it made my cheeks get red. I was glad that I already had put some blush on.

Bane didn’t say anything for quite a while. It was Josh who got himself together first.

‘’Wow, that clothes helped.’’ He smiled a boyish smile at me, before turning to Bane:’’ You there, lad?’’ He laughed and threw a grape at him.

‘’What? Yeah! I’m here!’’ It felt kind of good making Bane speechless. What could I say? That was the confident boost that day.

‘’You look good, Spence.’’ Bane smiled, as I walked over and leaned up the wall.

‘’Thank you. I think I got some beauty sleep.’’ I smiled back, actually counting all these hours that I must have slept away.

‘’You sure got enough sleep.’’

‘’I sure did.’’ I giggled.

‘’Alright then.’’ Josh interrupted:’’ Shall we get going?’’ He asked, sounding a little bit inpatient.

‘’Yea, lets.’’ I said, waving at Bane as I walked out the door. He still seemed a little speechless when I left.

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