Two ends of the world.

>> A love story about being loved for who you are.<<
Spencer and her bestfriend Brittany, agrees to travel to each side of the world, for a year. They have no place to live, no food and no friends.

When Spencer arrives, she don't have any clue what to do. She walks around untill she finds a nasty, little place who might have an apartment for her. They hadn't. And that's when Bane shows up. He says that she can live with him and his friends until she find a place. But they turn out to be the best friends. The love flaws between her and Bane, and she finds out that she don't have to fit in to get loved. And she wonders if she even lived her life at home... But time went fast, and she have to go home.

Brittany gets a disgusting job with a very hot manager, who isn't interrested in her at all. Brittany isn't use to that, and with her new friend the hunting starts. Eventhought it's embarrasing and stupid, she wont give up, before his into her. Will he give in?


4. Chaper three.

>>You’re going to be in your own skin until you die. That’s a while. You might as well get comfortable in it<<

It was about 3PM when I woke up the next day. Last night was blurry, and I couldn’t remember what happened after the fourth drink with… What was her name? Oh, Wanwisa. That’s right.

A terrible headache reminded me, that I had had way too many drinks with her. I cursed as I sat up in my bed. Barely able to sit straight, I tried to stand up, but I got dizzy, and instantly fell back in my bed. If I had had the choice, I’d have chosen to spend my whole first day in Thailand, covered in my sheets, hidden behind four walls, without anyone could see me. But I had to get up. Some annoying voice inside my head told me, that I should meet someone down in the lobby, and it kept telling me that I shouldn’t miss this meeting.

With a banging head I finally got up. I slowly walked towards the mirror in the other side of the room, when I remembered that I hadn’t unpacked yet. A long line of really bad thoughts about me ran through my head, but I forgot them quickly, because my headache got even worse when I was thinking. I slowly turned around.

‘’Alright.’’ I mumbled, and aimed for the luggage this time. I felt like throwing up when I finally reached it. The room was turning around, and everything looked kind of up side down. For a second I closed my eyes, but I opened them quickly again, reminding myself that I was in some kind of hurry. I started fidgeting with the zipper in my baggage. Everything seemed weird right now, but I just kept going even thought I felt like passing out most of the time.

After an amount of time, I finally found my spongebag, a towel, some denim shorts and a plain, white T-shirt. I grabbed everything and managed to walk the long way across the room, to the bathroom. I quickly took all my clothes of and jumped into the cold, running water. I gasped when the water hit me. It felt like all my blood froze, but it got the headache to disappear so I just kept standing under it. After a couple of minutes, it didn’t seem so cold anymore.

I ran the shampoo through my hair, washed it out, and then did the same with a conditioner. When I was done, I turned the water off, and jumped out. I grabbed my towel and rapped it around me. My body was filled with goosebumps, when I dried my hair with the hairdryer that hang next to the mirror. When I squeezed into my shorts, I couldn’t stop thinking. Now that my headache almost was gone I couldn’t help it. I could feel that I had one of these days, where you really couldn’t handle other people, and you just needed to be home. Unfortunately, I wasn’t home, and there was no way I was going there. Instead I just pulled the T-shirt over my head, stuffed the front of it into my shorts and made a fast, messy bun. When that was done I quickly got some makeup on, and then I began the terrible journey downstairs.

When I got downstairs I waited in the lobby. I leaned up against the wall, while I played with my phone. I didn’t even notice the person walking in.

‘’You’re late.’’ A deep, but yet feminine voice sounded. Wanwisa stood high and tall with her hands on her hips and looked judgemental down on me.

‘’Yea…’’ I tried:’’ I’m sorry.’’

‘’What’s your excuse?’’

‘’I don’t feel that well.’’

‘’That’s not an excuse!’’

She looked very serious at me, but then a big, white smile appeared on her face.

‘’I’m just messing with ya’’ She laughed, and punched me on the shoulder the same way Spencer used to do it.

‘’Oh, ok.’’ I said, not being able to see the fun in it.

‘’You should have seen your face!’’ She laughed for quite a while. When she finally was done laughing she took my hand and dragged me out the door.

‘’Where are we going?’’ I asked confused when we entered her car. A red, dirty Fiat.

‘’Don’t you remember?’’ She asked, looking surprised that I got so drunk.

‘’I can’t remember most of our conversation.’’ I mumbled, and looked out of the window.

‘’Well, we’re going to get you a job.’’

‘’Wait, what? No we’re not’’

Then the car started moving, and when I looked over at her, she smiled the same big, white smile. Like everything I did was amusing. It was really getting on my nerves. I’d show her that I could work!



A jerk ran through my body when the car stopped. I woke surprised up, and rubbed my tired eyes, hoping to get more vision. It took some time for me to get use to the darkness that surrounded us now. ‘’Where are we?’’ I mumbled, while I fumbled with the door handle. I cursed, and silently punched it, when it wouldn’t open. ‘’Need help?’’ A voice sounded from outside.

Suddenly my door opened, and Banes face showed up. ‘’Here you go.’’

A little bit embarrassed I walked out of the car. ‘’I’m not sure it has a name, really.’’ He then said, answering my question:’’ Me and my friends just call it The Beach.’’ He continued, when he started walking. ‘’The Beach?’’ I asked, wondering why they called it a beach, when all I could see was dark, tall trees, covering the sky. Without answering my question he stopped and pushed some big leafs to the side. With a hand movement he told me to go on, and I did.

Suddenly I stood on the most beautiful beach I had ever seen. The stars shined down into the sea from a heaven, with not a cloud in sight. Their reflections made the silent water look like it was filled with glitter, when it quietly rolled up and down the seaside. Big rocks, about 32 feet high, surrounded the beach, and made it feel safe and protective. I had this feeling that no matter how many evil things happened to me, they wouldn’t be able to find me. In fact: I felt like nothing would be able to find me. I turned around and found Bane looking at me. Behind him were high palm trees and colourful bushes hiding the leaf that let us in.

‘’Do you like it?’’ He asked, starting to walk towards me. ‘’It’s amazing.’’ I said, still breath taken from the sight:’’ What is this?’’

It made me feel like I was in a dream or in one of the universes of all my stories, and it made me wonder if Bane was some kind of angel. He could be, with the way he looked. I stared into his brown eyes when he came up and stood next to me. It was funny: Ever since I met him I hadn’t seen his face clearly. It was always dark or fogged, and I fell asleep instantly in the car. I just knew he was beautiful. Way out of your league, a silent voice whispered inside my head.

‘’It’s a beach.’’ He smiled.

‘’I figured.’’ I said, kicking the sand awkwardly with my feet.

‘’It’s our beach.’’ He laughed:’’ Not many know it exists.’’

‘’That’s amazing.’’ I answered:’’ How did you find it?’’

‘’Pure luck, I guess. Me and my friends needed a place to live, and then, lucky, we found this and this old cabin.’’ He nodded towards some weak lights at the end of the beach.

‘’It’s like a magical beach.’’ I whispered to myself, already making a new story up inside my head.

‘’You can say so.’’ He laughed, before slightly pushing me towards the cabin.


I felt like vomiting, when we finally reached the cabin. It was pretty huge, actually. With several windows on each side, and a nice, little porch going all the way around it. Loud laughter and voices poured out of every hole. ‘’So how many do you live in there?’’ I asked, sounding a bit worried. Not that I was spoiled, but I was used to plenty of room to be alone in, and I enjoyed very much. ‘’Uhm…’’ He started, looking very thoughtful:’’ About seven, I think, eight with you.’’ ‘’Oh, ok.’’ I smiled, while I was trying to look calm.

I followed Bane up the stairs, but waited at the door when he walked in. A thousand thoughts about how stupid I was saying yes to this, and that this would be the worst year ever, ran through my head.

I could her Bane’s steady voice inside saying:’’ Guys I have a surprise for you.’’

‘’Not another surfboard, please.’’ A girl’s voice sounded.

‘’Shut up, Junta.’’ Another male voice interrupted:’’ Please say it’s another surfboard. Mine’s seriously damaged.’’

I was about to run away, when Bane mentioned my name:’’ Spencer?’’ I slowly walked into the room, and waved awkwardly. Judging by their surprised faces, this was the last thing they expected.

‘’Guys, this is Spencer. She needs a place to live for a while, so she’ll be staying with us.’’ Bane explained:’’ I hope its ok.’’

The people sitting in front of me, looked almost choked, but then the girl with the long, wavy hair suddenly smiled.

‘’That’s awesome! We’ve been missing some girl-power here, anyway.’’ The other nodded. Bane exhaled relieved, and then said:’’ Spencer, this is Daw.’’ He pointed at a girl with a fairy-looking face and short, brown hair. She winked at me, and continued with what ever she was doing.

‘’This is Junta.’’ Then he pointed at the girl with the long, dark, curly hair and the black eyes. She smiled happily and waved at me, before Bane continued with the rest of the crowd.

‘’And this is Lawan, Sunan, Kiet and Josh’’

Lawan and Sunan were obviously brothers. They had short, curly, light-brown hair and the same golden eyes. Although Lawan’s face had much more bone-structure than Sunan, whose face was more round. They both smiled at me. Kiet had black, spiky hair, which were a little lighter in the ends. He’s eyes were small and dark-green, seeming to read every single movement I made. At the end, a little bit away from the others, a guy with much lighter skin and a short, dark-blonde hair sat. He’s face was covered behind a book and he was scribbling down loads of words on a little notebook, which laid next to him.

‘’ Josh, you fool, reality is calling.’’ Daw laughed, and threw a pillow at him.

‘’What? Oh, I’m sorry. It’s lovely to meet you, Spencer.’’ He said with a thick, British accent, before nodding well-mannered to me, before continuing reading.

‘’I’m sorry for that.’’ Bane smiled:’’ He’s British, and when he’s reading a book he won’t stop.’’

‘’I know the feeling.’’ I answered, trying to read the name of the book he was reading.

For a moment, it was quiet, but then Junta jumped up from the coach and took my hand. ‘’I’m gonna show her around!’’ She smiled and dragged me with her further into the room:’’ Can you please find her luggage, Bane?’’

‘’Fine.’’ He said, before he disappeared into the darkness outside.

‘’C’mon, we’ll start with your room!’’

She smiled and pushed me into a small corridor. We continued down to the very end of it, before we turned to the left, and walked into another room.

‘’Here you go.’’ She said, and sat down on the closest bed:’’ This is your bed.’’ She explained, and then continued over to the closet.

‘’Judging by your outfit, you have a lot of clothes.’’ She laughed and knocked on the closet:’’ There’s a lot of empty space in here, anyway.’’

‘’Thank you.’’ I murmured, unable to show how grateful I actually was.

‘’It’s no problem. As I said, we’ve been missing a girl around here.’’ Her smile fainted a bit, and I got the feeling that there was something she didn’t tell me. Why did they have a bed in spare, anyway? But instead of asking about it, I just said:’’ No really, thank you so much.’’

I sat down on my bed opposite Junta, who now was sitting on her bed, and continued:’’ I would be sleeping on the streets right now, if it weren’t for you guys.’’

‘’We really saved ya, didn’t we?’’ She said, while her smile lighted up a little bit.

‘’You really did!’’

‘’This house is for saving people anyway.’’ She smiled:’’ Do you need help to unpack?’’

‘’I really do, actually.’’ I laughed:’’ Otherwise I’d be unpacking the whole night.’’

‘’Oh god.’’ She laughed.

And for a while we both laughed, and I got the feeling that this couldn’t be this bad. At least I had one person now.  

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