The more you struggle, the more you will get caught in the spider web. Phoebe, Alexander, Malica, Juliet and Sam finds themselves in a situation where it's life or death. Every single strike can kill your own comrade. Every single strike can save your comrade. The king of the creatures known as Drikes are attacking innocent people. It's Phoebe's, Alexander's, Malica's, Juliet's and Sam's duty to kill the Drikes before the Drikes kill them. One Demon, one Vampire, one witch and two humans. Who will survive in this madness?


2. prologue Part 2

A/N: After months i'm finally back to write more! heheheheheheh. My friend is saying that i HAVE to explain why i didn't update. I just didn't feel to write on this story. Duh.


''You.. Didn't want to come to school, and yet..'' Phoebe was very confused and angry. ''If you miss out anymore you will fail the exams!'' She scolded him. But why did she even care? ''But.. It's not like i care. Tch.'' 

Alexander grinned and patted her head. ''It's alright. I'm gonna come to school this monday.''  - ''Stop patting my head!'' She said angry. Alexander smiled and stopped patting her head. ''Anyway, if you're lost you should just head to the tower. When you are at the tower you should go to the left and bam, you're at the school.'' He explained while pointing. ''A tower? Where do you see a to-'' She saw a very tall eligant, yet a very gothic like tower. ''Huh? I didn't see it..'' She murmured.

''Anyway, you shouldn't be at this part of the town. It's full of.. Weird 'humans'.'' He said and gave her a warm smile. ''Weird humans? What kind of weird humans? Drug addicted humans?'' She asked. Alexander shaked his head slowly. ''No. But you're not wrong about the addiction.'' He said with a sad smile.

''Hn.'' She just said and stared at the tall black haired boy. ''Anyway, Alexander, as the class president, i'm looking forward to meet you, and have you in our class.'' She said cold and turned around. ''Bye.'' He just said. ''H-Hey! Wait! What's your name?'' He asked before she was about to leave.

''Phoebe Stallone.'' She answered and headed towards the tower. ''Okidoki! See ya on monday, Stallone!'' He shouted. ''Yeah.'' She answered coldly.

''I wonder how she even, ended up here..'' He whispered to himself before walking back to the shadows.



- Monday, 12th September, Rose Mary High School -

''And then, Sebastian saved Ciel from Grell! It was so romantic!'' Malica said excited. ''Mm. Sure thing.'' Phoebe murmured, while she was making a volcano project. ''Gezzz... Turn away from that volcano, and accompany me!'' Malica said a little angry, that her best friend didn't care.

'' One. I don't really care about your fangirling about Yaoi. Two. I need to get this project done.'' She simply said while making her project. ''Ehhh. You could atleast pay attention!'' She said and pouted. ''I have no time for that! This volcano needs to get finished by tomorrow! Because YOU destroyed the other one i made! Can't you do me a favor and atleast shut your trap so i can concentrate!'' Phoebe shouted in frustration. 

It was 7 AM and Phoebe were already in frustration. But really.. Who could blame her? It weren't funny getting a call sunday night from Malica, telling that she 'accidently' destroyed the volcano Phoebe had worked so hard on. And you probably are wondering, 'Why would Malica have the volcano, if Phoebe knew that she was a clumsy girl?'

Well that's because Malica were begging, Phoebe to let the volcano stay at Malica's place so that  Malica could get a little credits from her parent's showing the volcano off. But in the end Malica fall over her cat and landed on the volcano.

''Gezz... Fine. Chill!'' Malica said and stood up from her chair and headed for the new manga in her school bag. Right now they were in their classroom. Nobody were around but some, of the teachers were already walking around the lonely and quiet hall's.

As the time passed with Malica reading a Manga and Phoebe making the volcano, Malica gave up and sighed. ''Why don't you just make it later this afternoon? I'm sure we can make it in-'' - ''I can't.'' Phoebe interrupted. ''I got my piano lessons today.'' 

Malica pouted again. ''But it's 7:44.. I wanna sleep! The lessons first starts at 8:30!'' Phoebe sighed. ''You do realise that you didn't need to come here? I could have done this alone.'' Phoebe simply stated. ''W-W-What! You're so evil! Waa!'' Malica cried out. 

''You're such an evil friend!'' Malica cried out once again. ''Who ever said we were friends.'' Phoebe mumbled while painting the volcano. ''Huh!? Gosh! Phoebe, stop being such a meanie!!'' As Malica said those word the door to the classrom opened and a boy with black messy hair came in and looked at Malica with a dark expression. And Malica stopped her blabbering and glared at him. 

Phoebe recognised the boy as Alexander and were about to say hello but saw her best friend glaring at him, and him glaring at Malica. There were a thick tension, and Malica decided to break the silence. ''What are you doing her.'' She sneered. Literally sneered. Like a wild animal would do. And not only that, the hate in her eyes. Every damn person would be scared of that. Even an alien who doesn't know anything about being scared.

''Your soul stinks.. Do something about it.'' Alexander said. ''What!? Are you trying to pick a fight with me?!'' Malica shouted at him. Alexander grinned evily. ''Ha, you taking me on? You have no chance!''  

''I swear i'm gonna kill yo-'' Malica were about to say but Phoebe coughed and wanted to inform them that she were in the room as well. Both of them turned around to face Phoebe. She expected a glare or so but instead they were both smiling at her. ''Good Morning, Stallone! Why are you here so early?'' He asked with a kind smile. It was almost unbelievable that this was the same man who had such hate in his eyes almost a second ago.

''Uh.. I.. Ehh.. I needed to make my project.'' She said quietly. ''Stop talking to her you stupid sucker!'' Malica shouted at him. ''Oh. Were you here all the time?'' Alexander asked her ironic. ''Tch! 3 persons are way to much don't you think so, Phoebe?'' Malica asked her. ''Yes, Indeed. be carefull around the door.. It might smack you on the way out.'' Alexander said to Malica. ''I'm NOT going anywhere you sucker!'' Malica yelled at him.

''Can you two.. Please.. Shut UP for just a DAMN minute!'' Phoebe yelled as she smacked both her hands on the table and looked at them with a dangerous face. ''I have NO idea what happened between you two, and i don't even care! Just let me make this project done! Just be silent! Oh, wait! I got a better idea, what about both of you leave the room!?'' Phoebe shouted and needed to catch some air after yelling.  

Malica looked at phoebe then at Alexander. ''Fine. We're leaving. Alexander, you're definetly leaving too!'' Malica said. Alexander nodded simply and both of them left the room. Phoebe sighed in relief. ''Finally! I'm alone!'' Phoebe smiled happily and continued with her work. But something was bothering her. Just what happened between Alexander and Malica? 

Maybe Alexander were Malica's Ex-boyfriend? No way. Phoebe shook the thought out. ''I need to concentrate.'' She said to herself. But it was still bothering her. Just what in hell happened?


End of the prologue. Next is chapter 1 - the rotten soul.

SO this took me a quiet while to get out. - cough cough - Well, the next chapter will be out before october! - gasp - Well anyways, i didn't edit this, because.. it's 10 PM and i need to get my sleep! Sorry for the typos. Byeee <3

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