The more you struggle, the more you will get caught in the spider web. Phoebe, Alexander, Malica, Juliet and Sam finds themselves in a situation where it's life or death. Every single strike can kill your own comrade. Every single strike can save your comrade. The king of the creatures known as Drikes are attacking innocent people. It's Phoebe's, Alexander's, Malica's, Juliet's and Sam's duty to kill the Drikes before the Drikes kill them. One Demon, one Vampire, one witch and two humans. Who will survive in this madness?


1. A black shadow [prologue]

A/N: This story could confuse some of you, so here is the basic of the story: We're at the time 2023 in the normal world where demons are not 'NORMAL'. Their age are 16-18. Any other questions? - Comment - I will answer them, as fast as i can. (If there's gonna be some questions..)


Something was strange. 5 minutes ago, the sun was shinning. Now there was nothing, but rain and flying branches. Phoebe sighed, and walked through the lonely streets. The school wanted her to check on this person named Alexander Krystyle, since he hadn't showed up in school. They were already 3 weeks in the new Junior year, yet he hadn't showed up. ''What a dumbass.'' Phoebe murmured to herself, and walked through the damn streets, she hated so much. Normally she wouldn't pay attention to the missing person, but she was the class president, so she had to check on the 'mystery' guy. Phoebe had long straight black hair, and her bangs matched her face perfectly. At school she was known as the icy cold girl, who didn't gave anyone a chance, to near. But  Phoebe didn't mind, she was used to tell herself that she was better of without anyone around her. ''This sucks so much.'' She said and took her kitty hoodie over her head, then took a look on the paper with the adress on.

'Crystalroad number 17.

''What.. Is there even a road, named Crystalroad? And if there is, then where the heck is it!'' She angered. She just wanted to go home and make homework, and never come back to this damn lonely part of the city again. She then sighed again. ''This part of the city is so creepy.'' She murmured. Then looked around, and got the 'chills'. ''Very creepy.'' she agreed with herself. She looked around at the old houses and chuckled. ''This place would make Malica pee in her pants.''

She didn't really had any friend besides Malica. Malica had straight shoulder blonde hair, and her bangs was cut to be what they called scene bangs. She was a very happy person who used to annoy the hell out of Phoebe, with her talking about Manga, games, GTA and other things. But now she was used to it. It was actually very normal for her, to be around Malica. Phoebe didn't talk to much around Malica, hell she didn't talk much at all.

Phoebe walked towards the deadend without really notice it, and looked up. ''Wait.. There can't be a deadend!'' She said. ''Pardon me, but are you lost?'' A voice came, from the dark shadows. Phoebe turned around, and hit the boy with her school bag. ''D-Don't touch me!'' She screamed and losed her coldly, expression, and fall down to the ground with the boy.

That was a awkward pose. Phoebe was laying on the boy and her head was on the boys chest. There was a silence, that made Phoebe start to think that she hit him that hard, that he was dead. But then she heard a lightly chuckle. ''Ha, ha. Sorry for asking.'' The unknown boy said. Phoebe sighed in a relief and stood up. ''Sorry, i thought you were some kind of a pervert..'' She murmured and didn't want to look in his eyes.

''How is it even possible?'' The boy asked. Phoebe raised her head and looked at the boy. His eyes were slightly black with a grey colour, his hair was black and messy, His age was around 17-18. This boy was very handsome. ''P-Pardon me?'' Phoebe said. ''I'm talking about your eyes.'' He said with a warm smile. ''W-What?'' She said and raised a eyebrow.

''They're red. Is it normally in your family to have red eyes?'' The boy asked with a bright smile. ''U-Uhm. No. It's not. I'm the only one, yet. When i was little i got glass in my eyes, and the blood turned them red. But it didn't affect my vision.'' Phoebe said, like it was normal. - Wait why was she even telling this to a stranger?

''interesting. Then why are you in this part of the city?'' He asked. ''I'm looking for Alexander Krystyle, or something like that.'' She said with a bored expression. ''Huh? Why.'' He asked.

''Because i'm the class president, of class X, and i need to check on him, if he's still alive.'' She answered.  The boy raised his eyebrow. ''Well, then i have to tell to not worry! I'm all fine, and not dead.'' He said with a grin. ''Then why are you not in school?'' She asked annoyed by the fact that he was all fine, but not in school. ''Because i don't wan't to.'' He said with a smile. 

- to be continued in part two of this prologue - 



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