A Series of Unfortunate Events

A murder. A murder that changed everything..

Ayaan and Layan are twins, Their life follows a series of unfortunate events. Ayaan is a calm and sorta wise person, while layan is just living the teenage dream. Exploring the world .. Life is too short . A muder had occured back when they were young, and that was just the start of "A series of unfortunate events"
This is not a sad story, its more of an adventure and a series of never ending conflicts with some twists and unexpected turn outs :)

- Ps : We r looking for more a interesting title .. comment if you have any suggestion -


10. Troublemaker

Hey guys.. I'm sorry this isnt a proper chapter its quite an author's note. 

I'm writing a new movella currently with is being edited by my adorable and talented friend 'roody' 

its called troublemaker so i hope you guys could check it out because i defiantly worked a lot harder on it than this movella. It's plot is quite simple actually, but it still reminds me that its just a normal teen fiction nothing superior to the character's life, I added a bit of humor, a bit of drama and love triangles as well :D 




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