A Series of Unfortunate Events

A murder. A murder that changed everything..

Ayaan and Layan are twins, Their life follows a series of unfortunate events. Ayaan is a calm and sorta wise person, while layan is just living the teenage dream. Exploring the world .. Life is too short . A muder had occured back when they were young, and that was just the start of "A series of unfortunate events"
This is not a sad story, its more of an adventure and a series of never ending conflicts with some twists and unexpected turn outs :)

- Ps : We r looking for more a interesting title .. comment if you have any suggestion -


6. Chapter 6


Ayaan’s POV

I woke up in the morning, bored, tired, exhausted. I moaned as my alarm clock screamed, Literally screamed. My alarm is a scream. This is the only way I can wake up.

Now back to the topic, I wasn’t really tired physically. But mentally, I was lonely, so I decided I'd go to the tennis court. Play a bit since I have nothing to do today.


Parking my car, I went into the club, it was quite, as if they were all sharing my pain. Honestly I feel lonely. I have no drama, or anything in my life but dance classes, I have no ‘besties’ other than Layan. I have no one. Just a couple of my favorite books by the shelf to keep me busy.

Changing into my gym clothes, I decided to take out my pain in tennis. Sweet old tennis. After my parents death, or murder, whatever, I started going to tennis classes to clear up my mind as what Lilian called “part of your therapy.” So its probably the only way I express myself besides dancing. And shopping. But wait isn’t that considered a hobby?

The point is, I was lonely. Very lonely especially after my break up with Jake. And to be honest I did feel lonely a while before we broke up too. But he’s different now right? I mean after he came back from London. Where he moved abput a couple months ago for some sort of ‘family crisis’ I wonder what that ‘crisis’ was.

“NO ! No .. He’s not different, he’s the same old jerk that made you feel unworthy and made you feel broken and useless” I whispered to myself. But it’s like this guy shows up every time I think about him. And just the sight of him made me sick to death, and the boiling blood was rushing up to my face. Jake! 

Once he spotted me, and his eye came into mine. All I could do was stare with my eyes wide open, giving him the how-dare-you look. He knows that I come to the tennis court. THIS TENNIS COURT. Is he here to try and ‘win me back’ ?? or to tease me because i think it was obvious enough that I didn't want him anywhere near me ! 

“Please don’t give me that look. I already feel guilty after what I’ve done to you” he said, stuffing his hands into his hoodie-pooch as I call it. I stared at him silently, not knowing what i should say, not knowing weather i should scream in his face, or walk away. Screaming wasn't the solution, since that would allow people to stare at me in wonder. Walking away wasn't  a solution either since i was speechless by the fact that he was actually standing in front of me talking to me - again. 

“look can we talk somewhere else?” he asked looking into my eyes. And without waiting for a response he continued. “ill meet you at Royal Café at 6”. And so he took off.

I was more frustrated than ever. Mainly because he was so kind and friendly, and i couldnt resist that. Im a sucker for a nice guy.  that made me feel like Im not able to help it. Let me make this clear. I DON’T LIKE IT WHEN I CANT CONTROL SOMETHING. ESPECIALLY IF THAT SOMETHING OR SOMEONE IS ME.

Therefore ive taken out all my anger on my game. Tennis. Kind of tired, I headed back home. It was already 4. I thought about texting Layan. I could really use her right now. I don’t have to tell her everything because I already know what she’d say.

I dialed “ Layan-Hip sis” and I was surprised by how fast she picked up.

“OMG ! ive been waiting for this call all day” she spoke so fast that I barely understood what she said. .. not bothering to say hello as a normal person would. Typical Layan. That’s simply ‘how she rolls’.

“Ive missed you so much” I said. Not wanting to talk about my problems and heartbreak I added on “So whats up sis ?” I asked her eager to know the details. I actually might have forgotten about Jake for a while.

We ended the call. It was five thirty. She told me all about that dude, Evak I think, who have been annoying her. Actually I think its quite cute. And id love to see her fall in love. Yeah right ! as if that’s gonna happen. Come one shes – Layan !!. I told myself.

I started wondering if I should go and meet Jake. You know I think if I gave him a chance. I might finally have the relationship ive always wanted. But I stopped loving him. And as my lonely self started moaning, I might have just wanted to go. Meet him. As friends. He can be quite a good friend. This is one thing I know about Jake. I went upstairs and changed.

I was done with my hair, and simple make up by like six. I didn’t bother to dress up. I really didn’t feel like it. And plus he doesn’t deserve me dressing up for him. He’d think he actually has a chance in a  new relationship . Hell no !


My drive to there was peaceful. Oh god how I hoped our conversation would be too.

I reached there at about 6:15. I wondered why he had such strong faith in the fact that I would show up. because If I was him I would have left ages ago.

He stood up and greeted me “Hey” he said and put his hand behind his neck as if he was pulling his hair thinking he should have said something else.

“hi” I replied with a smile. “I miss that smile.” He said. I brushed off his compliment, not wanting it to get to me.

“so what did you want to talk about that wasn’t really appropriate to talk about in the tennis club ?” I asked skipping all the ‘I missed you’ and ‘you look really good’ convos, but to be honest, he looked really good !

“I wanted to talk to you. I have a lot to say. I want us to hang out, as friends since you don’t want me anywhere near you in the first place.”

“that’s not the real reason" I paused and took a breath. "You know Jake I still know that look of yours when you’re hiding something” I said.

“I want to talk to you.” He admitted. “you used to know how to comfort me. How to make my day. How to lift all that heavy weight on my shoulders - ” he was going to continue, but i guess he decided to cut himself short. 

“whats wrong Jake?” I asked actually worried. Jake would only say things from his heart when there is something wrong with him. I might not ‘love’ him anymore but I don’t think I really hate him ? At this point I figured I actually care.

“remember when I left for London?” . “yeah a family crisis right?” “right” he answered. “my sister. Jazzy…” he said his voice all gloomy and sad,struggling to get the words out of his mouth. I know it, I felt it. This type of struggle. I’ve been through it every time id talk about my parents. Or Lillian. 

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