A Series of Unfortunate Events

A murder. A murder that changed everything..

Ayaan and Layan are twins, Their life follows a series of unfortunate events. Ayaan is a calm and sorta wise person, while layan is just living the teenage dream. Exploring the world .. Life is too short . A muder had occured back when they were young, and that was just the start of "A series of unfortunate events"
This is not a sad story, its more of an adventure and a series of never ending conflicts with some twists and unexpected turn outs :)

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5. Chapter 5


Finally at New York . I'm so happy I'm leaving that dumb ass  My journey begins here. I'm going to take pictures, shop till I drop, go to clubs, and visit all those touristic places. All within three days. Before I head to San Francisco .. I'm not going in order of cities or from which is closest to what,I barely passed geography! I'm going randomly to the city I feel like going to next. I'm thinking about going to Spain too. I know its out of my plan but hey, nobody said I'm a normal sane person.

Ayaan’s POV

After a normal, good night sleep. I woke up early to do my usual, head to Star Bucks, grab some mocha or coffee, probably even a cookie or a carrot cake. Then head to the dance studio. dance classes are pretty much where I express myself.

I changed into a cute outfit. And took my backpack with my dance clothes in it, grabbed my phone and finally headed out.

I rode my BMW and reached Starbucks  grabbed a coffee and a cookie just as my routine states. I sat down while browsing through my list of to-dos before my dance show. And there he was out of no where .. Jake. Again. 

“Jake can you please leave me alone? What part of IM OVER YOU don’t you get? “ I asked. As calm as usual. “what about love?” he asked. “that never existed between us” I said trying to sound as if I'm not lying. But I was busted. “that was never true. I did love you and you loved me too. You know Ayaan, you’re still very bad at lying ” he said trying to outsmart me. Typical Jake. “Well what was between us, whatever it was, Is over.” I said clearly annoyed. “how can I make it better” he asked his eyes very sad. “you cant I said. Trust, once lost cant be gained” I said grabbing my coffee and heading outside. As usual I rode my car, and drove to the dance studio.

I was a bit early that what was expected since no one was there. But I was aware of why I was early. Its Jake. The reason why I was never on time then , and the reason why I'm on time and even slightly early in the current time.

I have no sympathy for him. Not anymore.

As soon as all my friends arrived, we gossiped for a bit until Victoria came in, Victoria is the best dancer of our group shes so into dance and that its her only passion and her whole life. “Come on girls, we have to practice our routine, our show is in two weeks” veronica said. I agreed and went to the dressing room to change into my dance clothes. When I came out they were all ready I smiled and started dancing. Ive been given a ballet solo for the show since I'm really good at it and veronica already has like 2 solos. 


Layan’s POV.

I decided to take a cab to a hotel first, no no, a motel, I want to know how it feels like to stay in a motel.

Apparently I wasn't that lucky, even though i had my favorite aka lucky boots on, Evan was there too . His room, right across the hall from mine. Did I ever mention how lucky I am ? No . Well I'm definitely NOT. I didn't bother unpacking since I was leaving in three days.

Later that night, I decided to take a walk. I wore a hoodie and skinnies, and decided to put on some mascara and lip gloss for a girly touch. I walked out the motel, and I started walking.

Somehow he caught up with me. Evan. “I'm sorry about what I said earlier” he apologized and I could feel he wasn't that sincere. “I'm not in the mood for any of your bullshit. Just please leave me alone. You’d be doing me a favor” “No” he said and stood in front of me. “I like you” he confessed. “and I don’t” I said. That was all crap. I can feel he doesn't like me. And I don’t fall in love. I don’t even like him. So, why does he bother running after me? He looked shocked by my response and stopped in his track giving me a chance to run past him. I went out and it was intended to be a walk, but it just simply turned into a jog in which you meet someone you dislike and run past them. Great. I wasn't feeling guilty. Even the least of it. 



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