A Series of Unfortunate Events

A murder. A murder that changed everything..

Ayaan and Layan are twins, Their life follows a series of unfortunate events. Ayaan is a calm and sorta wise person, while layan is just living the teenage dream. Exploring the world .. Life is too short . A muder had occured back when they were young, and that was just the start of "A series of unfortunate events"
This is not a sad story, its more of an adventure and a series of never ending conflicts with some twists and unexpected turn outs :)

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4. Chapter 4


Ayaan’s POV

“Jake” I ask more shocked than ever.

“I… I ..” he says struggling. “What brought you here?” I ask my eyes widening annoyed they almost escaped my face. That jerk, he broke my heart. he didn’t really dump me afterall , I did. But I did it with a broken heart. He cared a lot more about his image than he did about me. He wouldn’t expose me to his friends. It was more of ‘secret dating’ except only our closest friends knew. I was hurt, at first I was so in love to even notice that he wouldn’t show me off or anything. By the time I realized, it was too late. We had an argument about it he simply said “well I don’t think people should know about us” I knew why, its because I wasn’t in the popular clique like he was. And now he’s back ?! why the hell is he back ?? at my doorstep ?? struggling to explain ?!?!

“Im sorry” he managed to say. “ I was so into the ‘popularity clique’ that I didn’t notice I was missing out the best moments of my life”

“you think !” I thought to myself . but I stayed quite. Waiting for him to carry on.

“I want you back” he said . his eyes finally looking into mine. I could see that he had finally awaken and came to ask for me. But I can’t forgive him that easily, especially that the love in my heart had been replaced with hate.

“Im sorry.” I managed to say. It was from my heart. “But its too late” I carried on my eyes not meeting his. “I don’t think you’re the right guy” shutting the door to his face.

“Wait!” he said stopping the door with his foot his blue eyes sparkling and his blonde hair shining . “im so sorry, im here to apologize , if you don’t want me back. Can we at least be friends” cliché I thought to myself that ‘we can still be friends’ sentence teenagers say after a breakup. “ not really” I said. “ Jake you aren’t worthy of my trust” and finally shut the door.

I texted layan telling her about what had happened .

TO: Ayaan 

FROM: Layan :

OMG ! I don’t believe it ! that sorry ass just remembered he had broken your heart. :O

TO: Layaan

FROM Ayaan:

Yup. And he wants us to be friends !!

TO: Ayaan

FROM :Layan: 

what did you tell him ??

TO: Layan

FROM Ayaan

that I don’t trust him .. I didn’t accept his offer .. I am in no need for him.

TO: Ayaan 

FROM : Layan :

probably the right thing to do ;) ks love ya sis ill ttyl


And with that, I tucked my phone beside me and slept.



(( Layan’s POV ))

The bus was crazy. Its like taking a risk to me. And I love risks. I was actually enjoying my ride until the sleeping  dude beside me (who Was actually very hot) started to rest his head apparently accidently on my shoulders, looks like he was as exhausted as i was after all. I pushed him up a couple times but his head would fall again, correction more exahusted. I had enough of it. “dude ! “ I yelled in his face. He started blinking then finally woke up, adjusting his position. “you’re kind of getting into my private bubble” Ugh! I hated that guy for no reason. “Feisty !” he said Obviously amused. I gave him the i-couldn’t-care-less-face. only then his face grew into a shade of redish pink, annoyed. I put on my headphones and started singing along to demi lovato’s heart attack – not too loudly of course. He looked at me and said “you’ve got a good voice” and smiled at me.

Im a sucker to compliments. I smiled “Im Layan” I said putting my hand out for a shake. “Im Evan” he said shaking my hand. I told him that im actually in a band he nodded. Then his phone buzzed. I sneaked a glance, the texter ID was “hot chick”. At this point all the hate bottled up in me exploded. So he’s one of those players- flirters. I hate dudes like that. They think they own the girl and forget all about her feelings.

He smiled at me after replying back and said “so you’re headed to New York” “Great city if you ask me” he added. “and why the hell would you care. Its not like we are friends” I stated. Obviously he was annoyed by my response. “Look Layan, we are stuck with each other here for quite a while” he paused a while “ so you better be a bit nicer and go with the flow, because if it was up to me. I wouldn’t care less. Im just trying to be friendly” I was frustrated by how he spoke to me, my eyes started heating up and i started shaking my leg in annoyance, I would usually speak that way to guys, but no one would ever dare to talk to me like that “You obviously don’t know me “ I replied giving him a death glare “and I don’t care about how long im stuck here with you, and I definitely don’t need your niceness. Save it !” and i was serious, its not like i'd ever meet him again .

I put on my headphones and played ‘what the hell’ and sang along.

He wouldn’t talk to me since then.


( Authors note [a/n] )

Hey pandas :D  i really hope you're enjoying this movella we'd love to get some feedback from you :) ideas/notes anything of that sort ..

plus we really appreciate the 55 views in one day xx :* great turn out :D

so to sort of celebrate i was thinking ..

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- Nour aka Pandamodel

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