A Series of Unfortunate Events

A murder. A murder that changed everything..

Ayaan and Layan are twins, Their life follows a series of unfortunate events. Ayaan is a calm and sorta wise person, while layan is just living the teenage dream. Exploring the world .. Life is too short . A muder had occured back when they were young, and that was just the start of "A series of unfortunate events"
This is not a sad story, its more of an adventure and a series of never ending conflicts with some twists and unexpected turn outs :)

- Ps : We r looking for more a interesting title .. comment if you have any suggestion -


2. Chapter 2


((Layan’s POV))

I really do miss them, My mom, My dad, and Lillian, I lost everything I loved, except Ayaan of course.

When Lillian died, Ayaan and I rented an apartment, even though we still have our parents house and Lillian’s but we decided to leave the sad, painful past and move on, therefore keeping them and the good precious memories in our hearts. At least I did. Ayaan – I think - just left there because she can almost smell their scent in every room, and it was too painful for her.

I have been thinking for a while... I think it’s time to talk to Ayaan.


“Hey Ayaan can I talk to you ?” I said watching her eat a handful of chips, sitting by the TV. Only then I realized that I am absolutely starving.


I grabbed a handful of chips. Oh ! Heaven. “this is really hard to say” and it was “I’ve been thinking for a while” I watched her as her eyes widened. “ I think I should leave for a while, explore the world, try different things. Live ! Life is short Ayaan…” she cut me off “ You wanna leave me ? The last time someone said that … They left forever.” Remembering her heartbreaking breakup with her ex. I nodded.

“I cant believe you’re doing this to me” She added. “I don’t want to leave you. Life is short Ayaan. I need to be free… Go out , be crazy . All I do here is sit with you and do normal stuff only normal people do. This is not me and you know that”

“Fine.” She said . “you wanna leave, go ahead. But promise you’d call daily”

“Sure, of course I would.” I knew that she wasn’t fine with me leaving, even though she was acting like she was. She’s a very bad liar. Somewhere inside me I knew I had to leave and explore the world outside, life has yet a lot to offer and I haven’t tasted any of it.




“get out of bed !! come on you’re leaving tomorrow, I’m gonna miss you, so get up lets use the time left” Said Ayaan.

“you know ill miss my bed too” I murmured as I got up.

“ I heard that” she yelled at me while I was making my way to the bathroom. I came out with skinny jeans and a black top and pink converse. “ Move your butt, we are going to spend our day at an amusement park. Get dressed, you should be ready in an hour” I knew she was about to argue about how much I should have told her about the plan at least a day before, this is how she is, Sort of the nerdy type. On the other hand, I can make last minute plans. I shot her a glare and she just nodded and went upstairs.

She came out with her favorite skirt, her hair in a very neat ponytail and grabbed her purse and phone and said “Lets go’’ in a cheerful way I even forgot the sound of how her cheerful voice is since that dumb ass broke her heart. It feels like ages ago, I even forgot his name.


(Ayaan’s POV)

After a whole day of riding roller coasters, which is so not my thing, I decided I had to ask Layan that question that I’ve been wondering about for the past day.

I went to her room and started to help her out pack her clothes and beloved belongings. “Layan, are you willing to come back ?” I said as i folded one of her favorite tops. Layan stared at me blankly. “Of course I will. It’s just for the summer. Summer ends in a month now right?” “Yep.” I answered. “So will you like video chat with me and send me pics and call me daily?” I asked. Depressed by the fact that she would actually be gone so soon and I wouldn’t hear her singing and playing her guitar all day.

 “ Listen Ayaan. Im going away for a month, exploring the wonders of life. But you’ll always be my sister and best friend.” I nodded, she carried on “Now I will call, text, video chat and send you pics, because I simply cant live without you.” I smiled and stretched for her favorite boots to put them in her bag this is when she snatched them from me and said “ Hey ! those are my lucky boots. Don’t touch ‘em.  I’m wearing them tomorrow” I laughed so hard, she looked like a little kid trying to protect his candy.

“oh well since that’s done with, what about we go watch some TV ?” I asked.

“I’ll make the popcorn.” She said running downstairs, as if followed by a bloody monster. She always loved making the popcorn because she loves it when the corn pops, which is something i find ridiculously insane and hilarious, Its always a pleasure watching her run down the stairs so I wont take away her joy of making the popcorn.


(Layan’s POV)

Two hours later .

“Okay so im so excited to leave. It’s the perfect time to go on a crazy trip. School is in a summer break. And the band is on a summer break too, so no more rehearsals or performances. Plus I’m old enough and it’s always been a something I wanted to do.” I told my friend Olivia over the phone. She’s in the band too. “Have fun” she said. “ gotta go Liv ill talk to you later.” She said as she hung up. Of course, she’s living her dream too, she’s in Paris now. The city of love, or lights, whatever its called. Since I don’t care because love and I don’t get along, I might be a passionate person. But love, as I believe is a disease. You love and get hurt. That’s how it works out. That how it exists nowadays. Therefore, I don’t fall in love, I don’t look for it, and i don't want it.

I went downstairs to where Ayaan is and told her I’m going to sleep. She nodded and wished me sweet dreams as I ran upstairs exhausted and tucked myself in my bed on my cold pillow. That night, I believe i slept like a baby.

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