How life would be in America!

When Carmelle moves to America everything changes her life and her career she schools in a school where a guy named Trevor likes her. After she and her friends make a band video they become famous and meet the one direction and love spreads around everyone. But it gets messy when someone falls in love to someone with someone already. Wat will happen to there love? Will it stay strong or break?


12. Summer!


Carmelle P.O.V

It was the last day of school. I wore my "Bring the party to me!" pink shirt and my cream colored pants and black and white highcut converse. I poped out of class and said "Put the walls down! and party!!!" then I played my ipad and everyone was dancing even the geeks and emos! but when our teacher came and told us to check our clearance if all the subjects wer signed YESS MINE IS ALL SIGNED!!!. Then we continued partying when Emileo poped up and said if we wanted to see his butt, but before anyone can answer he just showed it yuck!!!. The whole class agreed they didnt see anything!.While partying Trevor came up to me.

Trevor: Great party!

Carmelle: Ofcourse when its me the roofs go down!

Trevor: hahahhah! ur unatural Johnson I like that in a girl. Too bad I didnt get u?! (bits his lips)

Carmelle: Really?!

Trevor: Can this answers ur question (kiss me in the lips)!

Carmelle: (freezes fr 2 seconds then kisses him back then hugs him) STAY COOL STONES!!!!

Trevor: OFCOURSE!! Hey! Ic when u have a party call me and i'll be there! k!

Carmelles: OFCOURSE!! I'm not going to let this one party just go im having many more in the summer make sure u come!

Trevor: (chuckles) why not we have a picture?!!

Carmelle: SURE!!!

*takes picture*

-end of school-

All Stars P.O.V

U see Auntie told us we only have two weeks of fun cause the rest of the months will be tour and record and work ahhhhhh.!!!!!!!!. So we made a plan that with those two weeks willl make the best it.

PLAN 1:Shopping

We went to the mall to go shopping it was so fun but the funniest part was when Trixie had a fight with one of the customer.

Trixie: This is so cute!!! XD

Tiffani: U should really get that!

Trixie: K! (she grabs it then she feels someone also grabing it)

Customer: I got this first!

Trixie: No i did bit***. (Trixie pulls it harder) hahaha! I win! Now I get high - heeled converse

Customer: (growled)

Trixie: hmphhhh!!

After that we bought ice cream then headed to Sophia's house to have a sleepover. We had blindfold make - up. Aliza made me look like a monster and I made her look like a model meany!!!. After we had true or dare after the funny part was when Sophia was dared to call Zayn and say this to him weirdly "I have been stalking u and waiting for u all my life. I'm never letting u go baby! MWAHHHH!!" then we all laughd as she said it well Tifanni always choose truth so its on of the reasons why her hands became so bloody red. Then we had a pillow fight. It was so fun we posted it on fb and twitter in our page!!! whooohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aliza had a plan that we will throw a party in the beach but the problem was that we didnt know wat beach to go????

Carmelle: Why not Oak Street Beacch

Tifanni: Yah!! That beach is so awesome!

Aliza: kk! Ill text the peeps

Fr: All Stars

Hey peeps were holding a party in Oak Street Beach be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trevor's P.O.V

Fr: All Stars

Hey peeps were holding a party in Oak Street Beach be there!!!

To: All Stars

See u there too XD!!!

(chuckles then ready his things and car)

All Star's P.O.V

We we were ready to go to the beach.

Carmelle wore: A blue hollister shirt, white shorts and Rayban shades

Aliza wore: A white summer tank top,red shorts and Vans shades

Tiffani: A red shirt sayign LUV U, blue horts and Rayban shades

Shaina and Julianne: A short summer dress and Vans shades

Trixie: A purple tank top, yellow shorts and Rayban shades

When we reahed the beach we parked in the Lake Shore Drive. When we reached there Trevor's group was already there and some other people we invited were there.

Trevor: Ur late! (chuckles)

Shaina: No, ishhhh maybe!!

Trevor's group: hahaha!!! comeon lets swim.


Carmelle did a dance Demi Lovato - Heart atack. U make me glow,but when I cover up. Won't let it show, so  I'm Puttin' my defenses up. Cause I don't wanna fall in love. If I ever did that. I think I'd have a heart attack. (3x)............................ she really good. Then Trevor came and sang Nothing (couldnt believe he could sing).Aliza and the others except Carmelle were singing. Then we had entertainment (comedy) from the All Stars of course it was so funny!!!! Then before everyone went home we did a Gwiyomi!! XD its was so cute even the guys were so funny doing it the whole party was videod and posted youtube. We keep on laughing!!!!

-The rest of the day were all hangout go to friends house buy ice cream watch a movie draw on people's face's it was endless UNTIL THE LAST 2 WEEKS WERE OVER!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!






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