How life would be in America!

When Carmelle moves to America everything changes her life and her career she schools in a school where a guy named Trevor likes her. After she and her friends make a band video they become famous and meet the one direction and love spreads around everyone. But it gets messy when someone falls in love to someone with someone already. Wat will happen to there love? Will it stay strong or break?


3. First day of school

- First day of school-

Well we woke up early then we took bath, ate and got prepared for the first day of school I(Carmelle) wore a shirt saying "shut up and dance" and a pink colored pants and sneakers. After few minutes we heard our dad honking saying "hurry gurls don't want to be late.!" then when we got in school I was mazed so many people me and my sister promised we will stay together until we find a friend to go with.

*At school

Well when we got down of school we saw a teacher standing infront of the car I thought she wanted something but instead she was intoducing to the school she told us were our lockers were and the map of the school. Man! the school was huge!. As I walked in I saw jocks,nerds,goody-goody and popu's I could see that people were really into level thingys my earphones just went down to the ground because of amazement of this school I still can't get over it!!!!!. I went to my alone because my sister found a friend because it seemed like that my sister's friend also moved to Chicago in the same school so now I'm a loner:(. Four girls walked to me and  they seemed like they  were so nice and retarded I was like that except more crazy they approached me and said "Hey new comer, you wana go with us will tell u everything about this whole skul or even lets just be friends!!" said the short gurl named Trixie but the tall gurl named Aliza said "but wait we dont even now if she s retarded" then I said "If I go with u the whole weeks u will see how retarded I'am" then they said "kk, lets see how u can be retarded."

Carmelle's P.O.V

So as they toured me around the school they also told me those people in the school blahh blahhh stuff...then when we passed by the soccer field man, it was huge. They asked me if I play soccer because I guess they saw my soccer ball and my urge to play I said"Yah, who wouldn't." So we went on and scheduled our classes I had the same schedule with the four. Oh yah, I forgot to name the other 2 (one was named Tifanny and the other ne was Julianne). I was with them ssitting when the teacher came and everyone rose and said "Good morning, Ms. Perrie" then everyone sat down but before I could sit down Ms. Perrie spotted me and said " Wait! before u sit down can u pls introduce ur self to the class and tell us wat things u like and show us ur talent. K!". I was so embarrasesed it was (like sh** bi***) I got went up and introduced to myself said my name than I told them the things I like then I danced since we were allowed with gadjets I played my phone the song 2AM Club ft. Dev - Mary I dance hip - hop with this sort of faast speed like break dance so yah and after that everyone was like clapping. Then after that we had our lesson it was Biology sice I was 2nd year high school.


*After Biology class we had to go to Music class. It was amzing th teacher was so cool and all those stuff that come in school. And thats when I started being retarded.

I became retardly - crazy when Ms. Shendle played the song I Whip my hair so it was starting to u know make me dance so when she told us to present I was like crazy and retarded but fun so it was worth it.

*Lets skip all the stuffy of school.

-Frist day of school done-




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