How life would be in America!

When Carmelle moves to America everything changes her life and her career she schools in a school where a guy named Trevor likes her. After she and her friends make a band video they become famous and meet the one direction and love spreads around everyone. But it gets messy when someone falls in love to someone with someone already. Wat will happen to there love? Will it stay strong or break?


17. Falling Apart

All Star's P.O.V

Over the years and years of being together as a band. We were falling apart.


We were going to different colleges.

Love life.

Today is graduation day.

*skip the whole awarding*

Carmelle: Its over.

Tiffani: i know we came so far and now.....

Trixie: Were falling apart

Aliza: How are u sure?

Carmelle: Were going to college. Different college. I'm going to University of Pittsburg to study Pathology and Medicine. And some of u guys r going to Paris for Fashion Designing. Its.......its just going to be hard.

Shaina: Isnt there a school which has all the courses?

Sophia: There isnt.

Carmelle: Well I uess this is goodbye. I'm ging to the studio to get my things u guys wanna come?

Aliza: Sure! At last we can see each other before it all falls (cries).

We drove to the studio we Auntie was there finished packing our things.

Auntie: (wipes her tears) oh hi guys!

Carmelle: hi! Auntie wat r u looking at?

Auntie: Just videos and pictures we took when u guys were on tour and when ur in recording and also when u guys were together. Here! (hands over 6 cd's with a title "All Star's")

Julianne: Thank you! We will always remember u auntie!

Auntie: I know u wont! Come on! U have to go. U cant miss ur flight.!

We went to the airport. The whole band was with there girlfriends crying and saying there goodbyes.

Speaker: Flight to Pittsburg is now ready!

Carmelle: Bye! guys see u if we can (lower her voice)





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