How life would be in America!

When Carmelle moves to America everything changes her life and her career she schools in a school where a guy named Trevor likes her. After she and her friends make a band video they become famous and meet the one direction and love spreads around everyone. But it gets messy when someone falls in love to someone with someone already. Wat will happen to there love? Will it stay strong or break?



Carmelle P.O.V

A day after yesterday I parked my car the same place. Then I got a text from Aliza "Go to the field after u park ur car I have something to tell u". I followed and when I was there Aliza shouted also with Julianne,Trixie,Tiffany and Shaina. They said that we are going to have a band and i'm in it they call it "All Stars". Aliza said we had to shoot videos sing songs play and all.

*After school they headed to my house. They were shocked of how modern and how big it was. But my friends are still rich like me.


Aliza P.O.V

We were going to make our first video!!! yessss. Our first video was about 1D songs  also we made a video of crazy stuff so fun!!!!. The next day I checked how many likes and views guess wat it ad 10,000,000 views and 1,876,890 likes. yES!!!!!. Then after that I called up the gurls because it was weekend. I told them to meet me in Starbucks. When we were there I told them about the big news and while we were drinking someone called me up I answered it. It turns ut to be a music management that ound our videos and wants us to sign the record deal today and so we did. And today we are officially popstars.

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