How life would be in America!

When Carmelle moves to America everything changes her life and her career she schools in a school where a guy named Trevor likes her. After she and her friends make a band video they become famous and meet the one direction and love spreads around everyone. But it gets messy when someone falls in love to someone with someone already. Wat will happen to there love? Will it stay strong or break?


13. A song. A movie. A dance.

After those two weeks it was endless work.. record.. record.. model.. shooting... uhh!!!. Over the summer we released a new ong called "Cloud 9" it goes like this.

People walking. Streets are busy. But I know I will never forget you. Take your time don't let it ever go. Cause when your in could 9 oh.. it feels like heaven. The sun is bright. Birds are singing. Its a beautiful day in cloud 9 ohhhh...


So this is how it feels to be in cloud 9. No worries. No sadness. No thing to go between us. Cause when your in cloud 9 its beauty as you can see. cloud 9 ohh. cloud 9 ohhh....


After recording the song. We had a premiere to go Aliza's movie. One direction was there. Taylor Lautner many celebrities and critics. It was amazing the thrill, the horror and action. As one of the criticsc said in his blog "The movie was tragic how the love is always coming with sacrifices. Ii was beautiful."

-After the day of the movie premiere.-

Carmelle's P.O.V

I went to Starbucks to buy a Ice cold Caffe Latte after going to the dance studio. I was finished buying when I heard a someone say.

Someone: Hey! Carmelle remember me

Carmelle: (turns back) oh yah hi Taylor. How was the views of the critics?

Taylor: It was great many critics and celebrities loved. I also love your new album!

Carmelles: (drinking) really! thanks. So what song did you like?

Taylor: Cloud 9. It was melody.

Carmelle: (chuckles) oh yah y u here?

Taylor: Y cant I buy a drink here?! (laughs)

Carmelle: Wait oh yah! so stupid of me! LOL

Taylor: Can we go back to your house together? I wanna tell you something?

Carmelle: (curiously) okay?! sure! XD

(after buying his drink went for a walk)

Carmelle: So wat do you wanna tell me?

Taylor: ummm. nothing really..

Carmelle: What u made me wait or u!

Taylor: Okay... okay I really do hav something to ask u?

Carmelle: So... what is it then. SAY IT!

Taylor: So as I have heard you have a "Summer Solistice Dance" in your school right (its a tradition every summer) and there holding it in Oak Street Beach right? (carmelles nodds her head) So I know its weird that a guy not from your school is like asking you to the dance. But can I go with you to the dance?You know as friends cause I really miss dances?! PLEASE....

Carmelle: So u want to be my partner? k.......? (slurps) YAH SSURE WHAT THE HEECK?? and remember u owe me one!

Taylor: Really! yes!!!! (by the end of our conversaton we were at her house already whoah! time really goes fast) BYE!!

Carmelle: K! bye!! friend!! Just meet me in the beach and yah!! kk bye remeber its tomorrow 3:00 a.m to 12:00 m.m or it depends if u want to go home/ go  earlier than that! K BYE! (shuts the door)




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