How life would be in America!

When Carmelle moves to America everything changes her life and her career she schools in a school where a guy named Trevor likes her. After she and her friends make a band video they become famous and meet the one direction and love spreads around everyone. But it gets messy when someone falls in love to someone with someone already. Wat will happen to there love? Will it stay strong or break?


16. 1 month

Tiffani P.O.V

It has been 1 month already and I cant take it!!!!!!! I had a conversation with Harry.

Harry: Hi babe!

Tiffani: (humph) Harry I have to tell u something........................

Harry: okay say it :)

Tiffani: I cant take it!

Harry: U cant take wat?!

Tiffani: R long distace relationship!

Harry: Y?!

Tiffani: Its just that everyday seeing people happy with each other...... I just cant take it im sorry..... (cries a little)

Harry: whhhawhaaa...t u promised!

Tiffani: I know Harry i just cant take it apart from u im sorry.... :((((


Tiffani: How can I when the persn who makes me stand strong is gone!

Harry: 1 more month.

Tiffani: I know but it has been a very grieving month dont u remember the incident when u tried to come to my house but then i wasnt there cause i also went t the philippines just to see you. It wont work!

Harry: So wat do want to happen.........

Tiffani:  umm... back down? I guess so that we wont feel this anymore.

Harry: But!! I just met the most amazing girl in the world and now. WHY!?
Tiffani: When u come back Harry we will try to start over...... if we can

Harry: Wait! wat do u mean by if we can?

Tiffani: The band is having a tour in Australia for 1 month.... then New Zealand... then Philippines then back to America.

Harry: Wat!

Tiffani: I u told Harry. Lets just backdown and go back to......

Harry: friends?? :((((

Tiffani: bestfriends :)) (cries but then wipes her tears) Now go u still have a concert! BYE :)

Harry: (still shockedd) bye..............titittitititititittiti........(end call)

Harry's P.O.V

I cant believe it were just friends. I started to throw things then Liam comes.


Harry: I cant her see anymore!

Liam: Who?........ Tiffani? Why?

Harry: Yes! She has a tour like 4 months.

Liam: I know! but why r u upset.

Harry: She couldnt take being alone. Her world has turned upside down since I left and now she wants to backdown.

Liam: Backdown to wat!
Harry: To friends!

Liam: I'm sorry Harry but throwing thing wont change anything. And I know if Tiffani was here she would tell u not to do this.

Harry: Ur right I'll do this for Tiffani.

All Star's P.O.V

Tiffani was crying.Aliza was crying. Julianne was crying. Sophia was crying. Trixie was in her room listening to sad sngs. Carmelle and Shaina tried to calm them down.

Carmelle: Guys! Guys! (then everybody looks at her) Stop crying! Its not like u guys! Its not like the fun and crazy people I knew!

Aliza: I know Carmelle but its hard eough already that we cant see r boyfriends.

Carmelle: I know! It hurts!

Trixie: No u dont! U dont know the feeling of being apart of the one u love!

Carmelle: So ur saying I dnt know the meaning of being hurt!!

Sophia: (sad) We are sorry Carmelle. its just that we never had this kind of things happening to us. :((((

Carmelle: Its alright. I know its hard but we cant fall apart. Remember the good times.

Julianne: She's right were a band.

Trixie: I'm so sorry Carmelle.

Carmelle: It's okay Trixie.

Shaina: Dont u guys remember how this band was made! It was made of happiness and craziness!

We heard a doorbell. Carmelle looked up and saw a deliver guy with like with five boxes they were heavy.It was for Aliza, Tiffani, Trixie, Sophia and Julianne. Inside was a:

Aliza - A guinea. (She named it Bucky)

Tiffani - a cute cat wearing a beanie. (She named it Hatty)

Trixie- A cute white rabbit. (She named it Lulu)

Sophia - A great dane. (She named the dog Zap)

Julianne- A Shi Tzu. (She named it Hannah)

Carmelle was starting to miss her pets. So she called up Auntie and asked her if her dogs with her.

Carmelle: Auntie pls!! pls!! I promise ill take care of them!

Auntie: Well..... I know u r very responsible so why not just make sure they will obey.

Carmelle: PROMISE!

After that we went to the airport. We were going to Australia.

*Plane ride*

The rest of us were taking careof our pets. Then we arrived to Australia. A place of Koala. We got into the tour bus. Unpacked our things.

Auntie: Siobe!

Carmelle: Yes! Auntie (Auntie Ariana is really my aunt and siobe is wat they call me cause im the youngest)

Auntie: U guys can explore Australia and um... shopfor ur outfit! I'm gonna deal with the concert things uhhhh!

Aliza: COOL!

We went to the mall we bought so many clothes. Carmelle bought like tanktops,craptops, sleeveless sheer blouse,converse (low cut),flats,fedora and raybans she almost bought everything! LOL XD.

Sophia's P.O.V

Australia is fun! So many beaches! I'm tempted to just surf. After shopping we bought frozen yogurt. Then we went like to the pet store to buy some food and some pet things. Tomorrow were going to walk r pets well the dogs. We went back to the tour bus. We watched a movie. Slept. Ate. Do everything before the concert willl happen.








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