How life would be in America!

When Carmelle moves to America everything changes her life and her career she schools in a school where a guy named Trevor likes her. After she and her friends make a band video they become famous and meet the one direction and love spreads around everyone. But it gets messy when someone falls in love to someone with someone already. Wat will happen to there love? Will it stay strong or break?


1. Going to America


Carmelle's P.O.V

Well it was the last week of summer. I just got my new ipad so I was as usual as when people get there new gadjets they explore it. Then my maid came and said "Ic (my nickname) you have to eat already kk and oh yah ur mom said that they have a surprise for you." then I said my usual line "k yah" I wasn't really listening but I just went down.

n*In dinner

My mom was calling our attention (cause were 6 in the family but 4 r in states, 2 or studying college while 2 r married and has a family, so that leaves me and sister I-na with my parents) for I knew there was something going on. she said "okay now remember the time when me and ur dad was thinking about going to America well guess wat were going to America and were going to live there!". I stood up and said "WTF were going to America yesss!!!" My sister was like dancing even though I have to admit she has a stick body. My dad said we had to pack our luggages immediately cause we were leaving tomorrow night. So we got up and ran to our rooms it was like amazing race.


*While packing

While packing I was thinking who r the new friends I'm gonna meet? Where am I gonna school? How beautiful is America? What part of America will we stay in?



Well my mom woke me and my sister up cause we had to go and stay in hotel where were going t stay and wait for the plane ride cause our house was so far from the airport.






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