This Isn't Happening

I have had a troubled life. I have lived in care all of my life.... until now. A family who haven't even met me, swept me off my feet and took me away. How do they know me? Why me? It was only then I realised my new foster brother would be Louis Tomlinson...


2. Louis P.O.V

  When mum told me she was going to be a foster carer, I was angry. Would I get any peace? Attention? Would I like them? These kids have troubled backgrounds, you never know what could be wrong with them. But today was the day I really realised that this was serious. We were going to meet mum's first foster placement. As we walked through to the 'meeting room' the head carer greeted us. He seemed ok but there was something about his smile which seemed fake. He seemed

too bright and too cheerful. This place gave me the creeps. There were some kids sitting in corners crying and being ignored and another lot who seemed to be playing with a lighter. Not a good sign. Then the girl came in. I tried to hide my  gasp as I saw her. She had cuts and bruises all over her and couldn't look up. Her messy,tangled hair was hanging over her face. I looked down so she couldn't see my expression. This could be interesting.


*soz this is a very short chapter but there are some problems at home but i will update as soon as possible*


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