This Isn't Happening

I have had a troubled life. I have lived in care all of my life.... until now. A family who haven't even met me, swept me off my feet and took me away. How do they know me? Why me? It was only then I realised my new foster brother would be Louis Tomlinson...


11. Louis P.O.V- Get Out Of Here

 Louis P.O.V

    Amy has the most beautiful voice. She is blessed with it. I've been up all night, thinking about her, me, my parents. I think we need to leave fast before anything happens. I text Hazza, he may let us stay for a while, but we will need to make a quick getaway.

Louis- Haz, I need yr help, me + my nu foster sis need to stay somewhere 4 a while, can we stay with u?

Harry-Foster sis? Is she hot?

Louis-There is no time 4 things like that. Yes or no?

Harry- Of course, come over now.


Thank God. Harry couldn't be kinder but I needed to break the news to Amy. I nudged her gently.

"Amy?" I whispered. She shot up.


"We need to leave the house before my parents get up, my friend Harry is letting us stay at his for a few days. It isn't safe here."

"I understand." She quickly stuffed her few posessions into a bag and got dressed. I had already got changed so I waited.

"Don't watch!" she said loudly. I dragged my eyes away but I could stop looking at her. How could someone be so horrible to someone as beautiful as her? I was still in a daze as she tapped me on the shoulder.

"I'm ready."

"Right, we need to do this quickly and quietly. We can't wake my parents up, they will kill us for sure." We slipped out of my room and shuffled down the stairs. I opened the front door.

"Well, here goes nothing." I said with tears in my eyes. Amy hesitantly stroked my shoulder. I touched her fingers but she flinched and moved backwards. I sighed. Why didn't she understand that I wasn't going to hurt her?


We arrived at Harry's house. I knocked on the door and his mother appeared.

"Hello Louis! I have made up the spare bedroom for you guys to sleep in. Come in, Harry will be down in a second."

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Amy hid behind me, obviously frightened.

"It's OK, Harry would never hurt you." She nodded but looked doubtful. He came in.

"Hey Boobear! What's up?" he said cheerfully.

"Hey Haz! This is my new foster sister, Amy!" Amy looked up at him. Then she did something I never expected she would do.

(whimpering)"Please, don't hurt my again, please! Not again, no, no, no." And she ran to the spare room, weeping.



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